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Jul 25 2021

How BLM Riots Prevent Spread of Covid

The leftists who control the media and academia will go to any extreme to whitewash Black Lives Matter. Check out this gem of a headline:

The Experts have discovered that closely packed mobs of sociopaths looting local businesses, setting fire to police stations, and tearing down statues of our Founding Fathers actually promote public health. Here’s how they figure it:

The researchers found that protests correlated with a net increase in overall stay-at-home behavior in cities where they occurred — and the increase was larger in cities that saw more sustained protests or reports of violence.

Who is going to go out and about when mobs of vicious savages have been allowed to run riot?

University of Colorado Denver professor Andrew Friedson and the other researchers did not investigate whether the hooligans spread Covid among each other, focusing instead on overall transmission rates. Their study came out without peer review, but that doesn’t matter, so long as it reached the politically correct conclusion that Black Lives Matter riots combat Covid.

Friedson says the findings should help inform “decision-making processes.” They have confirmed that local Democrat authorities acted wisely by allowing and even encouraging the riots to occur. But that doesn’t mean every activity should be permitted:

Friedson said there is one last important thing to keep in mind about this study: It’s not a green light for governments to fully reopen bars, concert venues and other places where people gather in large numbers. …

“An outdoor wedding doesn’t generate avoidance behavior; we’re measuring avoidance behavior,” Friedson said. “People don’t say, ‘Oh man, there’s an outdoor wedding next door, we should stay home.’”

However, the Experts might approve of an outdoor wedding if instead of a bouquet the bride tosses out live hand grenades. That way it would generate avoidance behavior, like a Black Lives Matter mob.

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