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Dec 13 2022

How Germans Can Stay Warm This Winter

Despite their government having succumbed to enviromoonbattery, so that there is likely to be insufficient energy to heat homes this winter, there is no need for Germans to freeze. They are welcome to immigrate to the former German colony Namibia:

The country’s president, Hage Gottfried Geingob, welcomed Germany’s Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck to Windhoek this week, and told German officials Namibia has ample space to host as many Germans who wanted refuge from the inflation encapsulating Europe.

The inflation is driven not only by government spending but by a commitment to green ideology, as Germany continues to suppress nuclear energy despite the interruption of fossil fuel from Russia.

The African country has introduced a new visa specifically for German citizens who can now live in Namibia for up to six months, where they can work remotely and feel at home with affordable living costs as they wait for Europe’s winter of discontent to blow over.

Traditional Germans may feel more at home in this southwest African nation than in moonbat-ruled, hijrah-swamped Germany, where they can be denied jobs for being ethnically German.

The country celebrates traditional German holidays like Oktoberfest and holds typical German carnivals in the capital of Windhoek every year.

Up to 15,000 German Namibians live in the country as descendants of former settlers.

Namibian Investment Promotion and Development Board CEO Nangula Uuandja promises that Germans who work from Namibia for the winter won’t have to worry about high heating costs or blackouts.

“We always have electricity!” he claimed.

No one is expecting the same for green Germany. Demolishing a wind farm in favor of a coal mine is a nice start, but it is too late to avoid short-term hardship. The lights have already started going out.

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