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May 04 2021

How to Create Your Own Transsexual Trophy Child

Short of producing offspring through an extramarital interracial relationship, nothing enhances your political correctness credentials like a transsexual trophic child. This helpful video demonstrates how you can create your own:

Kids are confused by nature. That confusion provides an opening for indoctrination in gender dysphoria. Pry it wide by destabilizing their young minds. Just asking a few leading questions can get things started.

Six years from now, this girl may be on hormone blockers to prevent normal development. In another six, she might have parts of her body surgically removed or altered. By then, calling her “her” will probably result in a jail sentence.

The mother posted her social engineering project on TikTok, no doubt expecting praise. But the social media response was not entirely congratulatory, as reported at The Blaze:

One Twitter user mocked the mother in the video, and responded, “‘I don’t know why I feel like a boy, mommy, but I think I will get my emotional needs met if I answer the way you obviously expect me to.'”

Another user added, “Her response left her speechless…..because she couldn’t believe how well her daughter recited the speech she taught her.”

A third user fired back, “If someone had asked me if I thought I was a dinosaur at 6 years old … I would have said YES. These questions and conversations should not be taking place at all with children this young. LET YOUR CHILDREN BE F***ING CHILDREN YOU PSYCHOPATHS.”

Yet again we see that moonbattery is not merely wrong; it is sick. Children should be protected from it.

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