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Jun 18 2021

Joe Rogan Sticks Fork in CNN

Without Donald Trump to feature for a 24/7 version of the Two Minutes Hate, there is no reason for even liberals to watch CNN, the caliber of its “journalism” having deteriorated to the point of self-parody. That’s why it has lost nearly 70% of its viewers.

Stick a fork in CNN; it’s done. Never mind — Joe Rogan has already inserted the fork.

Via Summit News:

In a viral outburst Thursday, podcast king Joe Rogan tore into CNN fake journalists Brian Stelter and Don Lemon, declaring “the market has spoken and your show[s are] f[***]ing terrible.”

The topic was CNN’s ratings collapse. Rogan was astonished that CNN propagandists seem to believe they are entitled to viewers. Hillary taking offense when people refused to vote for her comes to mind. His guest, commentator Kyle Kulinski, expressed horror at CNN’s open calls for opposing viewpoints to be censored.

Regarding repellent hosts like Stelter and Lemon,

“Everyone knows they’re not real. They’re not real humans,” Rogan asserted.

Rogan is no right-wing partisan. As political support for the Vietnam War petered out, Lyndon Johnson reportedly lamented, “If I’ve lost Cronkite, I’ve lost Middle America.” CNN has lost Joe Rogan.

But maybe if they bring on Jeffrey Toobin to explain again why he masturbates during Zoom calls, they can squeeze out a few more viewers before going completely bust.

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