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Sep 23 2023

Hit and Run on Rittenhouse Assailant Gaige Grosskreutz

Gaige Grosskreutz is a lowlife with a lengthy arrest record. During a Black Lives Matter riot in Kenosha, Wisconsin, he drew a gun on good Samaritan Kyle Rittenhouse, who was helping to defend local businesses. Not wise; Rittenhouse shot him in the arm in defense of his own life. So Grosskreutz announced he would sue Rittenhouse and everyone else he could think of so as to get rich off the incident. Looks like karma has caught up with Grosskreutz, or as he now calls himself, Paul Prediger:

Grosskreutz told the judge in Milwaukee that his name change needed to be secret in order to protect himself from “far right” people who have been threatening his life.

Although Grosskreutz would have us believe that he is in fear for his life, he couldn’t help himself when he decided to go on WISN 12 ABC news to talk about being run over.

Run over? Did the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy track him down? No:

The vehicle plowover wasn’t a politically motivated incident. The driver has been arrested and charged with two hit-and-run charges, along with driving with a suspended license.

The suspect is one Marvin Thomas. It appears that Grosskreutz was run over by a Scumbag of Color of the caliber of George Floyd, on whose behalf he was presumably rioting when he menaced Rittenhouse.

Grosskreutz is trying to raise money from sympathetic liberals via GoFundMe. Rittenhouse would have used GoFundMe to help pay for lawyers when leftists launched lawfare against him following his acquittal, but it canceled him for being regarded as an enemy of the liberal establishment, so he had to use GiveSendGo. Grosskreutz won’t have this problem; he is the kind of guy our rulers like, even if fate has better taste.

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