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Jun 16 2023

Leftist Corporate Culture at Fox News

Fox News is the pillar of the liberal establishment that determines the limits of permissible dissent. Those who step beyond those limits get the Tucker Carlson treatment. As the progressive garrote tightens and less dissent is permitted, the content moves leftward; a year ago, FNC was already promoting the transsexualization of children. Just how left-wing is Fox News behind the scenes? Recent revelations offer an idea:

Matt Walsh obtained internal documents from Fox News employees showing that Fox Corp. encourages employees to support radical LGBTQ organizations and has deployed “woke AI” that tracks people’s commitment to DEI principles.

A screenshot of a Fox employee portal shared by Walsh showed that the company encourages employees to donate to the Trevor Project, the Ali Forney Center, and the L.A. LGBT Center. Fox also encourages employees to read explicit LGBTQ books like one that gives a sexually explicit description of a “glory hole” and another that describes pornographic scenes between two gay characters.

Walsh notes that the Trevor Project “hosts a sexually explicit chat room that connects children as young as 13 years old with ‘LGBT’ adults.” Welcome to the culture of our degenerate ruling class.

FNC employees who are not moonbats get nudged into line:

Fox executives told employees to sign up for Eskalera, an AI program that helps people “engage in activities that will deepen” their “understanding of identity” and “explore more nuanced D&I concepts.”

“Eskalera says it pulls in data from various sources, including the email and payroll systems. It generates a ‘peer comfort index’ and a ‘diversity index,’ based in part on how often employees ‘practice micro-affirmations,’” Walsh said.

Like the Biden Regime, Fox News execs might have been inspired by the social credit system imposed by the communist Chinese. Want to climb the career ladder at Fox? Extol sexual perversion and denounce Caucasians at every opportunity.

Fox News and the leftist Big Tech thought police supposedly occupy opposite ends of the spectrum. In reality, they support the same ideology because they are controlled by the same people.

“Like YouTube, some of Fox’s largest shareholders are enormous institutional investors, [BlackRock] and [Vanguard],” Walsh said. “These massive funds consolidate the wealth of millions of Americans, and then use their combined voting power to pursue a radical agenda most of those Americans oppose. They are Fox’s real customers.”

When Democrats shriek about “Our Democracy,” what they mean is “Our Oligarchy.” As with subverted churches, the controlled opposition plays an important role in it by helping to shape the narrative and curb our thoughts.

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