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Jun 20 2021

Lin-Manuel Miranda Evokes Disgust With Apology

No one can be woke enough to avoid denunciation by the moonbat mob, not even the guy who made the Founding Fathers black and Hispanic. Lin-Manuel Miranda of Hamilton fame used minority actors to play characters like Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. This is to be encouraged, as pretending that they weren’t white may be the only way to spare the titans of American history from erasure. Now the woke police have attacked Miranda for his casting in another production:

[W]hile most of the cast of “In the Heights” is Latino and one of the leads is African-American, there aren’t many (any?) Afro-Latino actors involved. Thus did a major triumph of minority representation onscreen become an occasion for Miranda to issue the latest groveling, half-sincere apology for being exclusionary.

It isn’t true in the sense that he meant it, but Obama’s wingman Eric Holder was right when he said that America is a “nation of cowards” on the subject of race. Read in horror as Miranda, who may have done more than anyone ever to get more nonwhites on the theater stage, begs forgiveness of a mob of thugs for not doing enough to advance identity politics:

Veteran Puerto Rican entertainer Rita Moreno dared plead with the mob to leave Miranda alone, but then promptly backed down and issued her own sniveling apology.

Have cowards like Miranda, Bob Brenly, Chris Harrison, et al. no self-respect at all? Obsequiously groveling before woke thugs is so disgusting, even other leftists must be getting sick to their stomach. They just don’t have the guts to admit it publicly. The exception to this rule is Bill Maher:

“This is why people hate Democrats,” says Maher. Well, one of the reasons.

You know the country has gone off the rails when Bill Maher sounds like the voice of reason.

Totalitarianism happens when people apologize to bullies instead of telling them to go to hell.

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