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Sep 21 2021

McDonald’s Announces Plan to Save the Climate

The food is barely edible, but the important thing is that McDonald’s is woke. It cares about the climate:

McDonald’s announced on Tuesday plans to further reduce the amount of fossil fuel-based plastic in their Happy Meal toys within four years…

Apparently recycled plastic doesn’t count as being made from fossil fuel.

The company said the plan aims to cut out 90% of virgin fossil fuel-based plastics in Happy Meal toys by the end of 2025.

In all seriousness, the purpose of this righteous posturing is to make the weather colder. According to liberal doctrine, plastic makes it be too hot outside. The ideology of our ruling class is that insane.

Now if only McDonald’s would stop making their food out of plastic — and stop making it smaller:

On a tip from Bluto.


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