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Jan 20 2023

Minnesota Considers Mandatory Tampons in Boys’ Rooms

The campaign to eradicate the difference between male and female by decreeing that menstrual products must be provided in the boys’ room continues:

The Minnesota Legislature is considering a bill that would require all public and charter schools to make menstrual products available in school bathrooms, including boys’ bathrooms.

“A school district or charter school must provide students access to menstrual products at no charge. The products must be available in restrooms used by students in grades 4 to 12,” the bill states.

When imposing trans insanity, our kook rulers focus on children, because they are easier to confuse.

Rep Sandra Feist of the leftist Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party barked the liberal talking point that “not all students who menstruate are female.” No doubt Dr Fauci could confirm that anyone who disagrees hates The Science.

Republican Rep Dean Urdahl proposed an amendment specifying that the menstrual products should be provided in restrooms used by female students. He was denounced for trying “to divide people.” His amendment failed.

Not even free tampons in the boys’ room are actually free:

Feist said the bill would be funded by a $2 per-pupil increase for each district’s operating capital revenue.

Nonetheless, we are told that the tampons will actually save money, because not providing free tampons in the boys’ room causes kids to miss school.

“Chronic absenteeism costs a lot more than just paying for free period products,” [Feist] said.

Placing tampons in inappropriate restrooms is an important item on the liberal agenda. In Ireland, you can find them in the men’s room in Leinster House, where the national parliament sits. Oregon has passed the Menstrual Dignity Act, which forces taxpayers to finance tampon dispensers in the boys’ rooms of every public school and college throughout the state.

Maybe woke liberals are crazy enough to believe that the tampons will be used for anything other than schoolboy pranks. Or maybe the main purpose of the tampon dispensers is less to promote transsexual psychosis among children than to remind everyone that moonbats are in charge, like the rainbow flags flying over US embassies.

Feist shoots down Urdahl’s amendment.

On tips from Jack D and ABC of the ANC.


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