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Feb 27 2024

Moonbats Come After Toilets

There is nothing moonbats won’t use Big Government to take away from you, not bacon, not eggs, not coffee, not cold beer, not hot showersnot even toilets:

Flushing our waste is, well, wasteful, accounting for nearly a third of indoor water use in US homes, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In many parts of the world, the use of water toilets has become increasingly fraught as climate change ushers in extreme droughts and flooding, which backs up sewers and overflows septic tanks.

Social engineers want us to use “dry toilets” instead:

Users layer the contents of the toilet’s bin with peat or sawdust after doing their business; once full, they move the excrement to a larger airtight container over the course of several months so that any microorganisms die out.

The remaining material, rich in nitrogen and phosphorus, can be used as natural fertilizer rather than the usual greenhouse gas-emitting synthetic kind.

Thereby, dry toilets please liberals’ weather gods.

Environmental engineer Kelsey McWilliams became “hooked” on sanitation solutions after participating in the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation “Reinvent the Toilet Challenge” while at the University of Delaware, she said.

That would be the same Bill Gates who has been conspiring along with George Soros and the Biden Regime to blot out the sun because global warming.

Even CNN admits that dry toilets have disadvantages:

Waiting up to a year for waste to be safely recycled will deter many people — and the ick factor may be hard to shake.

That’s why dry toilets will first be subsidized, then be made mandatory, following the strategy for electric cars. Real toilets will be progressively strangled out of existence through regulation.

A few regulations are actually beneficial. Progressives will get rid of these. Consider a RecoLab waste water recycling plant in Sweden:

As of now, the plant does not recycle graywater, due to strict Swedish government regulations on repurposing wastewater for drinking. But [aptly named RecoLab business developer Amanda] Haux is hoping that will change, particularly in municipalities where water shortages may become more common due to climate change.

Lots of liberal hopes hang on climate change. After all, if temperatures don’t happen to trend warmer, global warming hoaxers will have to make fools of themselves by telling us cold weather is caused by warm weather.

The modern toilet was developed by white guys like the also aptly named Thomas Crapper. Therefore, toilets are racist in addition to being offensive to the climate. Prepare to do without them.

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