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May 29 2023

Moonbats Have Heroes Too: Leigh Finke

Today, Americans honor their heroes. Moonbats have very different heroes — like Minnesota state representative Leigh Finke:

Finke, who is transgender, was the chief author of HF146, Minnesota’s “trans refuge” legislation, which would prevent the enforcement of out-of-state laws that would remove a child from their parents for receiving transgender medical interventions, such as hormones or puberty blockers. Finke received the “Children’s Health Hero” award from the Minnesota hospital system for [his] work on the bill, according to a release from Children’s Minnesota.

“The law protects access to gender affirming care for Minnesotans and for those traveling to Minnesota from other states,” Children’s Minnesota said in a statement.

That is, it facilitates child sex change tourism.

There used to be a term “Minnesota nice.” Liberals have replaced it with “Minnesota evil.”

There’s more:

Finke was also the author of a bill that would strip anti-pedophile language from the state’s existing anti-discrimination law. The law currently excludes sexual attraction to children from its list of legally protected sexual orientations, but Finke’s bill would remove language specifying that exclusion, which activists have argued could lead to pedophilia being interpreted as a protected sexual orientation.

That is, pedophiles would be officially recognized as belonging to a higher caste, like homosexuals. A Republican amendment put the kibosh on this for now.

As noted previously,

Finke also supports the transsexual violence that has become epidemic (see here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, etc.) — specifically to promote the transsexualization of children.

Finke’s advice to the kids he wants to corrupt and defile:

“Don’t listen to your parents!”

The liberal establishment so reveres this guy that he was recently awarded the title of Woman of the Year by USA Today.

Meanwhile, that same liberal establishment characterizes our heroes as extremists, threats to Our Democracy, racists, et cetera:

Concerns that extremist groups may single out veterans for recruitment into their organizations, and the seemingly disproportional representation of veterans among the Jan. 6 Capitol protesters, prompted calls to investigate and address a perceived problem of extremism in the military. …

In January 2021, after the Capitol riots, 15 Democratic lawmakers pressed the DOD Inspector General to root out extremism in the ranks in a letter.

“White supremacists are joining the military and permeating the ranks,” the letter stated. “The spread of white supremacist ideology is dangerous for the military and threatens to rupture civil-military safeguards that our democracy requires.”

A recent study by the RAND Corporation found that veterans are less likely to join extremist groups than the general public. However, from the Democrat viewpoint, “extremist” means “insufficiently woke.”

Compare the willingness to lay down you life for your country to the willingness to sexually deform a child. To the extent people are to be judged by their heroes, countermoonbats can hold their heads high.

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