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Jul 29 2021

NATO Sets Up Headquarters at Norfolk Naval Base

Step One, Obama purged the officer corps of people who might put up resistance. Step Two, Biden’s handlers put leftists Lloyd Austin and Mark Milley atop the military command structure. Step Three, the Pentagon allowed NATO to set up a headquarters at a military base in Virginia:

On 15 July 2021, Allied Joint Force Command Norfolk declared Full Operational Capability and marked the occasion with a ceremony presided over by its Commander, Vice Admiral Andrew Lewis. General Milley, the US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff also attended the ceremony.

At least it is nice to see Milley taking a break from promoting critical race theory.

Norfolk is the largest naval base in the world.

The Democrat Party is explicitly anti-American. It does not want America to be in the driver’s seat. It wants to rule this country in the name of the globalist elite, similar to the way its Silicon Valley enablers run things.

Where NATO is concerned, Americans will still get to pay most of the bills. But we won’t necessarily make the decisions.

Ever since the Soviet Union collapsed, some have been wondering why NATO still exists. This development may offer an alarming clue.

Step Four will be eventual occupation by the United Nations. A pair of anti-Americans, Secretary of State Antony Blinken and UN Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield, are already laying the rhetorical groundwork. The same principle will apply regarding Americans paying the bills but not making the decisions, as foreigners take control of our soil.

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