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Feb 12 2022

No Whites Allowed at Portland’s Only Charter School

Covid hysteria and its exploitation by teachers unions have brought the public school crisis to a head. Children have learned little if anything from this dysfunctional institution for 2 years now. The situation is so impossible to ignore that even Portland will allow a charter school. Tolerant liberals have achieved total dominance in the City of Roses, so the school will open on a no whites allowed basis, despite the population of Portland being overwhelmingly white:

HOLLA Public Charter School is expected to open in the fall of 2022 in partnership with the Reynolds School District.

If your children are excluded on the basis of race, maybe that’s just as well. Promises Eric Knox, executive director and founder of HOLLA,

“There’ll be a very strong hip-hop focus around our kids’ learning style. … Hip-hop is what our kids understand.”

Read some rap lyrics for insight into the implications.

As Jazz Shaw observes, the association with the Reynolds School District indicates that this operation will receive taxpayer money:

[S]ince when do you get to exclude students from publicly funded schools based exclusively on race?

It goes without saying that white children are inherently racist and therefore do not deserve to be educated, but it appears that Asian kids will be excluded too. Asians comprise 8.2% of the population in Portland, blacks 5.8% (and whites 77.4%).

Expect the classes to look something like this — minus the white kids:

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