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Feb 12 2022

Leftist Race Hate Spills Over Onto Asians

Our moonbat rulers have race hate to spare, even after pouring all they can on Caucasians. Asians tend to be successful; therefore, they have privilege. Therefore, they too deserve to be denounced for their accomplishments. Ever at the vanguard, the New York Times sounds the alarm on Asians being “vividly overrepresented” in competitive figure skating:

No one is going to sound any alarms about blacks being overrepresented in the NBA or NFL (74% and 70%, respectively, comparable to their representation in advertising, despite making up only 13% of the population). That’s because our ruling class adores blacks. It does not adore Asians. Try being Asian and getting into Harvard.

According to our state religion, critical race theory, the success of Asians makes them guilty of whiteness. The same applies to Jews, which is why Whoopi Goldberg informed her herd of disciples that the Holocaust had nothing to do with race hate but was just whites killing each other off.

The prejudices of our ruling class filter down through the media to the streets, where they are expressed more crudely:

Never mind Seattle. Under liberal rule, this is what our whole country is becoming.

The victim was a Chinese woman. The alleged attacker was this guy. There has been an epidemic of black on Asian street violence, which the media has characteristically attempted to blame on whites.

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