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Feb 17 2021

Oregon Police May Lose Power to Declare Unlawful Assembly

Black Lives Matter/Antifa have inflicted hundreds of riots in the past year. These riots have been incited by Democrat politicians, making a mockery of the latest impeachment spectacle, in which they tried to impeach a guy who was no longer in office for calling on his supporters to protest “peacefully and patriotically.” This will not be a problem going forward though, because leftists in Oregon (home to the Riot Capital of America, where police declared a riot for 100 consecutive nights) has found a solution:

Legislators in Oregon are examining a law on the books that now gives police authority to declare unlawful assemblies, which Portland police and other agencies used frequently during months of mass protests in the past year.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon has called on the Legislature to repeal the law.

There won’t be any riots if you don’t let the police declare riots. What we have known as rioting will be redefined as normal activity.

Under the law, police or sheriff’s deputies or any chief executive officer in Oregon such as a mayor or county — can command dispersal when five or more people, whether armed or not, are “unlawfully or riotously assembled” in any city, county, town or village.

That the ACLU wants to do away with such a law confirms that the Capitol Riot was the exception that proves the rule: only leftists riot.

If there are any sane people left in Portland, they are encouraged to leave. The legislature is considering a list of laws to crack down on police and facilitate anarchy.

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