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Mar 22 2021

Pantene Ad Features Lesbians Converting Boy Into Girl

It seemed that Procter & Gamble had reached the last limits of moonbattery with the woke commercials it has been ramming down our throats. But progressives always progress to another previously unimaginable extreme.

After already having promoted the transsexualization of children, as well as obesity, man hatred, the false and divisive black oppression narrative, and the bizarre lie that men can menstruate, P&G continues to push the envelope.

The many P&G brands include Pantene haircare products, which are intended for liberal use only to judge by a commercial featuring two lesbians converting a boy into a pseudogirl on behalf of their grotesque ideology.

Behold the price innocent kids pay as liberals press their advantage in the Culture War:

The vast majority of children who have been convinced they have gender dysphoria grow out of it. But they will never grow out of the damage inflicted on their bodies and their minds by moonbats who try to physically convert them into the opposite sex.

Woke corporations have reached the depth of exploiting child abuse as a marketing ploy.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC. Hat tip: Not the Bee.


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