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Jul 30 2021

Psaki: Virtually All “Hospitlizations” Are Among Unvaccinated

Jen Psaki is so conspicuously awful, she may fail to meet even the Biden Regime’s standards, despite not being a man. Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who is both female and black and therefore beyond reproach, has been taking on her duties. Maybe it has something to do with Psaki’s inability to spin the regime’s schizophrenic Covid dictates:

On Tuesday, Psaki struggled to explain the Centers for Disease Control’s new guidance on masks, admitting it was “slightly awkward timing.”

Psaki punted any questions about the new masking advisories to the CDC, as Biden and White House staff spent the past 48 hours mostly silent while federal health officials took charge of the coronavirus pandemic narrative.

People want to know why mask mandates are becoming more repressive if the vaccine works and has been available to anyone who wants it for some time. Psaki’s props did not do much to clarify matters. On Tuesday, she presented a graphic proclaiming that “VIRTUALLY ALL HOSPITLIZATIONS AND DEATHS ARE AMONG UNVACCINATED PEOPLE.”

Nothing unsettles the mind like incompetence among authoritarians who have seized power.

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