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Mar 21 2024

Psycho Killer Luka Magnotta Declares Himself Transsexual

We previously encountered Luka Magnotta when the sadistic psycho killer, who was inspired by the movie Basic Instinct, inspired in turn transsexual maniac Scarlet Blake via the Netflix documentary Don’t F*** With Cats, confirming the vicious cycle of mutual feedback between sociopaths and the entertainment industry. Magnotta himself has declared himself trans:

A notorious sexually sadistic killer who fatally stabbed a man with a screwdriver during intercourse has recently been claiming to identify as a woman while incarcerated and was allowed to move from a maximum-security prison to a medium-security facility. Luka Magnotta, 41, born Eric Clinton Kirk Newman, brutally murdered Concordia University student Jun Lin in May 2012 after meeting him through Craigslist for a BDSM encounter.

What the people you can meet through homosexual BDSM Craigslist encounters lack in wholesomeness, they make up in sexual diversity.

Magnotta, a transvestite, male escort, and porn actor, has an extensive criminal history that includes disturbing incidents of animal abuse. The subject of a popular true crime documentary series titled “DON’T F*CK WITH CATS,” Magnotta had been sadistically torturing and killing kittens then posting the footage online in the years leading up to the murder.

Evidence accrues that the ancient Egyptians were on to something when they imposed the death penalty for killing cats.

Unsurprisingly, Magnotta graduated to people:

Magnotta recorded a snuff video of Lin’s slaying which depicted him dismembering the victim before performing acts of necrophilia and cannibalism.

But let’s not judge him for who and how he loves.

Consistent with the LGBT focus on children, Magnotta mailed parts of Lin’s corpse to elementary schools.

Magnotta has now begun identifying as transgender and calling himself Violette. He is first recorded as having requested female hormones from a prison psychiatrist in October 2021, when he also stated that he hopes to undergo genital surgery in the “later future.”

Asserts the psycho killer:

“Trans is who I am.”

Doctors from McGill University refer to him with female pronouns but diagnose him with “internalized homophobia.”

The doctors also emphasized that Magnotta employs “pat phrases she repeats, as if rehearsed” to describe his “gender journey.”

It’s almost as if there could be a link between insanity and pretending to be a member of the opposite sex, suggesting that this delusion should be treated as mental illness rather than being indulged and promoted by the liberal establishment. However, Magnotta might be putting on an act so as to receive the favored treatment reserved for the “marginalized”:

Magnotta was authorized to be moved from Port Cartier maximum-security prison to La Macaza in Quebec, along with his husband, Anthony Jolin.

If you are going to be a psychopath, do it in a country run by fellow lunatics.

Whether he really is transsexual of just an evil weirdo gaming the sympathetic system, please welcome Mr. Magnotta to the Transsexual Violence Hall of Horrors:

Luka Magnotta
Scarlet Blake
Jonathan Richardson/Autumn Cordellionè
Genesse Ivonne Moreno
Elizabeth West
Thorsten Heinz P.
Steven Buchanan/Susan Monica
Dylan Butler
Kendall Stephens
Leion Butler
Jason Lee Willie
Audrey Hale
Kimbrady Carriker
Maya McKinney
Snochia Moseley
Anderson Lee Aldrich
Moses Lopez
William Whitworth
Shanu Varma
A guy calling himself Lara
Zion William Teasley
Jason Michael Hann
Cali Anderson
Dana Rivers
Vivian Ginger-Rain Shemansky
Linnea Pugmire
Mark Campbell
Paul S.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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