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Jun 03 2023

Pushback Against Corruption of Children Is Still Possible

A teacher at El Dorado High School in Placentia, California demonstrates what kids are learning in public schools nowadays by promoting the perverted pleasures of gay sex and telling the children where to buy sex toys (at Target, naturally):

I was going to post the YouTube version of this video, but it turns out to be age restricted, appropriately enough.

Note that the kids aren’t snickering or gasping in astonishment like they would have at any point in history up until the past couple of years. They seem bored, as if they have heard it all many times before, probably starting in kindergarten.

However, because this video happened to go viral, this time there was pushback:

A teacher at a California high school was placed on administrative leave following a video surfacing of her instructing students about where to find sex toys.

“The individual involved has been placed on administrative leave pending a thorough investigation,” Alyssa Griffiths, the director of communications for the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District…

She will be back on the job as soon as attention moves on. There are thousands of other teachers giving the same lesson. But at least the educrats who put them up to it still have to pretend to disapprove. Once the pushback stops, the rising tide of depravity and degeneracy will submerse us completely.

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