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Jan 24 2022

Released After Setting Fire to Pregnant Girlfriend

After habitual criminal Darrell Brooks was released on $1,000 bond despite having just jumped bail, he deliberately drove through a Christmas parade, killing six and injuring 62. The liberal establishment might have taken this opportunity to reappraise its policy of releasing violent criminals onto the streets. Instead, it downplayed and then buried the story. The insanity continues.

From Michigan:

Devonne Marsh has been charged with a particularly heinous crime: setting fire to his girlfriend who is pregnant with twins.

Like civil rights icon Jacob Blake, Marsh appears to have a penchant for domestic abuse.

The woman, who could barely move, suffered burns to over 60% of her body, according to police. … Authorities say the soon-to-be mom was 27 weeks into her pregnancy with twins.

No doubt the root cause of Marsh’s behavior is racial inequity, so there is no point locking him up. After all, criminals are the real victims, according to progressive doctrine.

Marsh, 42, was arrested and charged with kidnapping/abduction, aggravated/felonious assault, and violation of the controlled substance act. Despite having a lengthy criminal record, his bond was set at $50,000 or 10%, meaning he could get out of jail if he is able to post $5,000 bond.

Like Darrell Brooks, Marsh is likely to jump bail:

According to the Michigan Department of Corrections, the suspect has been hiding out since he absconded from probation out of the Macomb/Mount Clemens office in March 2020.

Nonetheless Marsh, was allowed to walk out of jail on Friday after posting $5,000 bond:

Marsh’s girlfriend, 26, remains hospitalized in critical condition, and it is unclear whether the babies will survive. She was reportedly too afraid to come forward and report the crime but a tip led authorities to the scene and she is currently cooperating with the investigation.

Now might be a good time for her to take out life insurance.

Letting maniacs like Devonne Marsh loose on minimal or no bail is consistent with the policy of liberal DAs throughout the country (e.g., Alvin Bragg [Manhattan], George Gascon [Los Angeles], Kim Foxx [Chicago], Larry Krasner [Philadelphia], Chesa Boudin [San Francisco], Kim Gardner [St Louis]).

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy has previously supported bail reform, although she did try to get Marsh’s absurdly low bail increased.

When he inevitably kills someone, the media will hush the story, no matter how lurid it may turn out to be. Devonne Marsh doesn’t fit the liberal establishment’s profile of a menace to society.

On a tip from Wiggins.


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