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May 31 2021

Repurposing Memorial Day

Our holidays affirm our culture, which leftists are in the process of eradicating. This makes holidays problematic, hence the War on Christmas. Ideally, holidays will be repurposed, so that they undermine America instead of celebrating it. For example, Columbus Day celebrates the spread of Western Civilization. Progressives are replacing it with Indigenous People’s Day, which celebrates the miserable Stone Age savagery that Western Civilization displaced.

Memorial Day honors those who made the ultimate sacrifice to defend America. Leftists would prefer to honor a violent career criminal whose death by fentanyl overdose they have exploited to attack America.

The Washington Post’s Colbert I. King bleats cynically about…

…the thousands of Black men who responded, whether voluntarily or via the draft, to the call to arms from a nation that demanded loyalty and discipline while often forgetting to reciprocate.

They died pointlessly for a country that didn’t deserve it, according to King. His plans for honoring Memorial Day:

I’m also going to honor Black people in America who have paid the ultimate price, but unfairly at the hands of sworn officers of the law.

Out of a population of 46.8 million blacks, there are bound to be a few unfortunate incidents involving police. Few if any in recent memory involved deliberate killing. First listed is of course George Floyd.

King goes on to shriek about lynching that occurred more than a century ago, as if this casts the sacrifice of servicemembers into comparative insignificance.

Memorial Day is as good a time as ever to also commemorate the other fallen — precious Black lives that mattered, as least to some of us.

Since the Passion of George Floyd occurred on Memorial Day, we can expect that under liberal rule the day will increasingly honor the anti-American ideology he has come to personify. Every year Black Lives Matter flags will cancel out Old Glory on flagpoles above US embassies around the world, as they are currently.

Those holidays that cannot be repurposed will be killed by increments. For example, the Biden Administration has nixed the annual July 4 fireworks display at Mount Rushmore. Thanksgiving and Easter will be progressively deprecated on grounds of “racism” and “homophobia.” If leftists prevail, no trace will survive of the civilization so many have died to defend.

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