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Nov 09 2022

Threat to Democracy Talking Point Did Not Resonate

It used to be we learned election results on election night. Now we have to wait for the authorities to jigger the results. What we do know already is that the #1 reason Democrats presented for us to vote for them despite the mess they have been making of the country only resonated with Kool-Aid-guzzling true believers who will vote Democrat no matter what. No one outside the MSNBC/CNN core audience believes that the guy in the buffalo costume on January 6 represents an ongoing threat to democracy:

After reading exit polling suggesting that skyrocketing inflation is voters’ top concern, CNN lamented that voters are more worried about the rising cost of groceries and gas than leftists’ “threat to democracy” lies. “You know what’s missing from this one, two, three, four, five, top five issues? Democracy. It’s not even here. That’s not to say it’s not an issue for people but it doesn’t even come close,” CNN’s Dana Bash whined during her network’s election night coverage.

As Kylee Griswold remarks,

It’s not shocking that “democracy” doesn’t crack the top list of issues on the minds of voters, who care far more about how much it cost them in gas money just to get to their polling place and what gender-bending nonsense their kids could be learning in math class at the very moment they were casting their ballots. What is shocking is that the media elites nestled inside the Acela Corridor and D.C. Beltway ever thought Americans were buying the “democracy under threat” propaganda they were selling.

This leaves support for abortion and chicanery as the only reasons Democrats could prevail in light of the inflation and recession they have caused and the ongoing invasion across the southern border.

Regarding the latter, the Democrat candidate for Governor of Arizona Katie Hobbs is a screechy moonbat who would not even debate her opponent Kari Lake, but who is the current Secretary of State, responsible for overseeing the conduct of elections. This has turned out as you might expect:

Democrats tend to vote in advance, Republicans on election day. This may explain why over 25% of polling locations in Maricopa County had problems with vote tabulation machines. In response, Republicans filed an emergency lawsuit to extend voting hours, but a judge shot it down.

It is a cliché because it is true: whatever Democrats accuse their opponents of, they are guilty of themselves. Their opposition to voter integrity indicates that this applies to being a threat to democracy.

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