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Jul 01 2021

Stipend for Helping to Eradicate Whiteness

Considering that virtually every major advance by humanity for the past 3,000 years has been primarily the work of Europeans and their descendants, you may be wondering why so many are eager to eradicate whiteness. What do people get out of advancing an objective so obviously detrimental to the entire human race?

Liberals get woke brownie points. Professors at California State University East Bay get a $1,200 stipend.

The College Fix reports:

The stipends go to professors and instructors who attend the “Anti-Racist Liberatory Pedagogy Academy” this July. …

Participants will confront the question of how they can “also aim towards liberatory conditions where whiteness has been eradicated.”

The idea is for professors to learn how to incorporate “anti-racism” into their classes. Eradicating whiteness is the goal of “anti-racism,” a.k.a. critical race theory, a.k.a. antiwhite race hate.

“Equitable learning” is also among the goals. This entails rewarding identity group status rather than effort and aptitude. Excellence is not on the agenda.

A brochure promoting the workshops asserts that professors have a “sacred” duty to undergo CRT indoctrination.

The brochure approvingly references Assata Shakur, a favorite among Black Lives Matter supporters. She won their affection by murdering New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster before escaping to communist Cuba, where she lives to this day.

The brochure is the work of G.T. Reyes, an Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership. He has plenty to say about white supremacy. No doubt he agrees with Joe Biden, the Pentagon, the FBI, the Departments of Homeland Security and Justice, and the rest of the Federal Death Star that it is the greatest threat to society and must be eradicated.

Gasps Information Liberation,

Imagine thinking America is a “white supremacist” society when all our universities are teaching how to “eradicate whiteness.”

When the last Caucasian has his skull crushed by savages in loincloths, they will still be barking about white supremacy.

On a tip from Chris Neilson.


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