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Apr 14 2021

Technical Director Admits CNN Produces Propaganda

The purpose of liberal establishment “news” services is not to inform the public. On the contrary, it is to misinform the public, so as to drive a left-wing agenda. Project Veritas provides documentation in the form of surreptitiously recorded video of Technical Director Charlie Chester claiming credit for driving the president out of office and explicitly admitting that CNN produces propaganda.

Chester specifically states that CNN’s “focus was to get Trump out of office.” Scarier even than these militant moonbats selecting our president for us is what he promises will come next — a concentrated effort to stampede the public into going along with a radical expansion of the size, scope, and cost of Big Government in the name of the global warming hoax. To quote Chester,

“So our next thing is going to be for climate change awareness.”

He needs to get with the program. Orders have come down from above to call weather the “climate emergency” now.

Chester says CNN will “beat to death” the bogus narrative of the planet being imperiled by our unwillingness to succumb to Green New Deal power grabs. This campaign will have “longevity,” he says. The beauty of the imaginary climate crisis is that unlike the ChiCom virus, it never has to end, since there will always be weather that can be blamed on it. Chester says they will “milk that for quite a bit” — unless of course viewers get sick of being manipulated and choose instead to become informed by looking for alternate sources of information.

In Part 2, Chester admits that CNN deliberately instills panic in its audience, and that its reporters do not ask questions but rather manipulate those being interviewed into supporting the desired narrative. Our worst suspicions are again confirmed:

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