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Jun 26 2021

Ted Cruz on Defeat of Corrupt Politicians Act

The Corrupt Politicians Act (a.k.a. HR1, S1, “For the People Act”) was a truly alarming attempt to overthrow our system of government by institutionalizing election fraud and placing elections under centralized Democrat control. It would reduce American elections to a farce on the level of Third-World banana republics.

Democrats just barely missed imposing this. We must never forget what they just tried to do to this country. Ted Cruz reminds us:

The Corrupt Politicians Act, which Biden would have signed into law eagerly, was so brazenly unconstitutional that it would have required him to pack the Supreme Court to prevent it from being struck down. This could have set the country on a course to civil war.

We barely dodged a bullet. More bullets can be expected from the radicalized Democrats. Even after their temporary setback, unscrupulous partisan attack dog Merrick Garland is going after Georgia for placing mild restrictions on election fraud. Only when Democrats have been driven from power will our constitutional republic be safe.

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