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Oct 02 2023

Toxic Masculinity Mars Anti-Male Tech Conference

Toxic masculinity is everywhere, according to the moonbats at Business Insider — even at a conference for non-men:

A tech conference celebrating women and non-binary people in computer science sparked a backlash after people said it was dominated by men.

The complaints were about the The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing which took place in Orlando from September 26 to 29.

The purpose of the event was to discriminate against men in tech hiring.

The event markets itself on its website as the “world’s largest gathering of women and non-binary technologists,” and tickets set back attendees around $1,300. …

[Product designer Lily Li] said she suspected that cisgender men may have “finessed” the system by pretending to be non-binary, or selecting “prefer not to answer” on their entry forms…

If you can’t pretend to be black, pretend to be female. If that won’t work either, call yourself “nonbinary.” It’s either that or get marginalized.

Insider found many more public comments on LinkedIn left by female and non-binary attendees where they expressed their disappointment over the experience, describing a place “over-capacitated by rude, disrespectful, and female-attacking men.”

They mean “attacking” in the Liberalese sense:

Some said they had been bothered and harassed and even hit on.

Clearly the eradication of toxic masculinity requires more than woke propaganda. Engineering the next mandatory vaccine to turn men into Dylan Mulvaneys might do the trick.

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