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Nov 27 2020


Those of us who celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday are politically unclean and likely to incur the censorship inflicted by Big Tech. We were supposed to celebrate Unthanksgiving, as our information overlords at Google’s YouTube informed us:

Reading liberal propaganda sometimes requires a glossary:

Indigenous history = foolish propaganda glorifying Stone Age savagery in order to attack the legitimacy of Western Civilization.

Activism = Any form of public intimidation, from participating in Twitter mobs to shouting nonsense in people’s faces through a bullhorn to looting stores and setting fire to police stations.

Resistance = Culture war against all things American.

Big League Politics comments:

The holiday of Thanksgiving recognizes cooperation between New England Puritans and the American Indians living in the area. One would think this is something that liberals could get behind, but the Left has increasingly targeted the holiday for cultural destruction.

The last thing progressives want is for us to find common ground and work together constructively. The purpose of Cultural Marxism is not to build, but to destroy.

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One Response to “Unthanksgiving”

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