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Apr 14 2022

Warmup Act Discovered for John Hinckley

John Hinckley shot and nearly killed the greatest president of the past century. Having escaped appropriate punishment with the insanity defense, he is now on the loose. Worse, he is cashing in on his infamy.

American society has deteriorated to the point that people will pay to see this freak strum a guitar and croon:

Hinckley first announced the July 8 concert taking place at the Market Hotel in Brooklyn, New York, on Twitter on April 8 and days later revealed that the tickets had sold out. Tickets were selling for $20. The venue has a capacity of 450 people…

While Hinckley will forever be known for his 1981 attempted assassination, he now is a singer and guitarist who performs covers and original songs to over 26,000 subscribers on YouTube.

In addition to seriously wounding Ronald Reagan, Hinckley permanently paralyzed Press Secretary James Brady. He also injured Secret Service agent Timothy McCarthy and police officer Thomas Delahanty. No doubt this lends him cachet among Brooklyn hipsters.

They sure aren’t drawn by his musical talent. I couldn’t make it through even a full minute:

TMZ says Hinckley is “as charismatic as they come.” It would be nice to be sure they are kidding.

Beneficiaries of the insanity defense get away with their crimes as a reward for supposedly not being able to distinguish between right and wrong. Neither can any woke liberal — by definition. No wonder moonbats behave as if laws don’t apply to them.

For his next performance, Hinckley ought to line up Jalil Muntaqim for a warmup act:

A presentation by Jalil Muntaqim, a former inmate incarcerated for his role in the murder of two New York City police officers, proceeded without incident [last] Wednesday. Via Zoom, Muntaqim addressed a virtual audience of over 400 people and about four dozen people in person.

As forewarned, this disgraceful event occurred at SUNY Brockport.

Muntaqim joined the Black Panther Party before eventually joining the Black Liberation Army. As a member of the latter, he was convicted and served nearly five decades in prison. During the course of the two-hour event, Muntaqim addressed a wide range of topics, from his own personal biography to current events, but didn’t specifically address his involvement in the police killings.

Murdering police officers is something a black supremacist can leave behind him so that he can get on with his life while the cops rot in the ground.

SUNY Brockport students listened to Jalil Muntaqim’s speech through a large speaker on campus as police stood between them and protesters supporting law enforcement.

Muntaqim argued that the suppression of education around Black armed resistance to white supremacy was, and is, intentional. Citing that history, he argued that the Black Panther Party evolved out of a tradition and was not an aberration.

The tradition continues. The Black Panther Party’s direct descendent, Black Lives Matter, enjoys the enthusiastic support of the liberal establishment.

Muntaqim’s hostility to law enforcement endures:

“We have learned from this process there are individuals out there, particularly law enforcement, who tried to silence me,” Muntaqim said. “Who want to silence the idea that someone can express something out of their norm, outside of their idea of what is right and what is wrong…”

Right and wrong. Leftists do not know the meaning of the words.

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