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Jan 26 2021

Welcome Back to New York

One price of submitting to liberal rule is that it is no longer safe to go out in public, even in broad daylight. When Giuliani was mayor, New York City was famous for its safety. After years of Bill de Blasio, we read stories like this:

The New York City Police Department is seeking dozens of suspects in connection with a brutal attack on a 26-year-old male who was beaten, slashed, and disrobed.

They even stole his underwear, and as usual also his phone.

The victim is from Brooklyn, but was just exiting a bus from Atlanta.

The attack, which was caught on surveillance camera, shows hordes of people rushing to punch, push, shove, and hit the victim, who eventually ends up on the ground. While on the ground, other people in the group can be seen jumping on and stomping the victim.

Once the blood starts flowing, everybody joins in.

What do you expect in a country that glorifies criminality, and a city that has marginalized the police in the name of leftist ideology? Scenes like this are what liberals embrace when they embrace Black Lives Matter.

The victim is reported to be a gang member with 43 arrests, 17 for felonies. That he was walking around loose is a symptom of the same disease that allowed the attack to occur at 11:30 in the morning.

Presumably, there was history between at least some of the attackers and the victim. But these days, who knows? If you are walking down the street and someone doesn’t like your face, the same could happen to you.

Attackers are unlikely to be punished in a place like New York, even if they are caught — which they probably won’t be. Everyone knows that the moonbats in charge at both the city and state level are on the side of criminals, not the police. As of January 20, this is now true also at the federal level.

Behold what liberalism is turning our country into:

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2 Responses to “Welcome Back to New York”

  1. […] Criminals understand it too. The result is increasingly brazen lawlessness. […]

  2. […] Criminals understand it too. The result is increasingly brazen lawlessness. […]

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