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Jan 28 2021

What Teachers Have Been Doing Instead of Teaching

Even statist icon FDR opposed public sector unions such as teachers’ unions. They create a situation where the employer and the employed are on the same side against the customer, namely, the taxpayer who has to finance unaffordably generous packages in exchange for increasingly subpar education. Teachers’ unions are insatiably greedy, pathologically lazy, astonishingly arrogant, and radical left in their politics.

The ChiCom virus has provided public school teachers with an excuse not to work. Despite the low risk of acquiring COVID-19 from children and the failure of online learning, teachers throughout the country have refused to enter the classroom on the grounds of the virus.

In Chicago:

In-person classes in Chicago Public Schools are canceled again Thursday as the district tries to hammer out a deal with the teachers union to avoid a strike by employees who are refusing to return to schools.

Rather than teach, some of the teachers have been spending their time on interpretive dance:

Meanwhile, in Florida:

The Broward School District has scoured Facebook pages of teachers working remotely to catch them partying, traveling and failing to wear masks at a time the educators say COVID-19 makes it too risky for them to return to campus.

One teacher is pictured at her daughter’s destination wedding in Jamaica. Another attended a political rally for Joe Biden. Others were pictured with cocktails in restaurants or enjoying a Disney or beach vacation with family or friends.

Broward Teachers Union, which opposes teachers being required to get back in the classroom and do their jobs, rages that the district has been “spying” on the teachers.


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