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Dec 04 2023

Kerry Escalates Treason Through Climate Kookery

We have known that John Kerry is a traitor since he smeared his country to help communists win the Vietnam War back in 1971. During the Trump Administration, he conspired with Iran, which has been at war with the USA since 1979. So his antics at the globalist climate conference in Dubai should come as no surprise:

U.S. Special Envoy John Kerry announced over the weekend that America was joining the Powering Past Coal Alliance, which means the Biden Administration commits to building no new coal plants and phasing out existing plants.

This constitutes economic sabotage. About 20% of the electricity in the USA is generated by coal. After they have shut down coal, they will come for natural gas, in accordance with the hostile UN’s demand.

Meanwhile, China and India “are building new coal plants pell-mell.” These countries take their own side against globalist climate change moonbattery. That’s why they will surpass us economically, and then inevitably militarily.

The John Kerry who gamed the system to acquire unearned medals during the Vietnam War and then threw away the ribbons to them in a theatrical gesture of contempt for America is as radical as ever:

At COP28 in Dubai, UAE on Sunday, Biden administration climate envoy John Kerry told the gathered United Nations participants that he is becoming “more and more militant” about climate policy and that no coal power plants should be permitted “anywhere in the world” anymore.

However, Hanoi John knows as well as we do that our adversaries and competitors will continue generating electricity by the most sensible means, regardless of his silly rhetoric.

Not everyone at COP28 is a raving moonbat:

COP28 President and United Arab Emirates climate chief Sultan Al-Jaber suggested a fossil fuel phase out would not allow sustainable development “unless you want to take the world back into caves.”

Actually, Kerry et al. plan to continue flying around the world in private jets to munch on caviar at climate conferences. Only the little people should have to live in caves.

Kerry responded to Al-Jaber by barking that the climate fluctuation that has characterized planet Earth since its creation must be limited to 1.5°C. This is to be accomplished by radically reducing our standard of living.

For many at the U.N. talks, which is being held in the United Arab Emirates, COP28 can only be recognized as a success if it results in a deal to phase out all fossil fuels…

That’s what Pope Francis demands. He and Kerry know that nowhere near the current population of the planet can be sustained without the fossil fuels that are the lifeblood of the world economy. Their plan is for most of us to die for their ideology.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Nov 15 2023

Cloward–Piven and the Open Border

The Cloward–Piven strategy assumes communism can be imposed on the USA via the welfare state. Sociologists Richard Andrew Cloward and his wife Frances Fox Piven believed that if everyone qualified collected the maximum amount of welfare benefits, the cost would be so massive that it would collapse the economy. Out of the ruins, a new Soviet Union could be imposed, given that we have been conditioned to turn to the source of our problems (i.e., Big Government) for help when these problems get out of control.

The strategy has been working, as the unsustainable national debt confirms. But Democrats are impatient. So Biden’s puppeteers used the border to throw Cloward–Piven into overdrive:

The excuse that migrants came here to work and contribute to our society does not match the statistics. As the NY Post recently reported, only 2% of 139,500 migrants in New York have applied for work permits, and thousands more are on their way to our cities to live off the welfare state.

New York received an influx of 2,800 additional people last week alone. There are 65,500 people living in shelters throughout the city at the expense of the taxpayer, and the mayor believes the city will spend of $2 billion this year on funding.

Welfare payments to foreign invaders are more generous than the Social Security payments we receive after involuntarily paying into the pyramid scheme our whole lives, confirming that the federal government is not our friend.

The average retiree is expected to live on $1,555 per month, which is not enough to live in any US city.

Meanwhile, migrants are receiving a one-time payment of $2,275 and at least $1,225 per month which is more than they likely ever earned from their country of origin. Their room and board is on the taxpayers’ tab and there is no urgency for these people to enter the workforce. In fact, it seems as if they are encouraged to continue milking the welfare system to become utterly dependent on the state.

Of course. That is precisely what Democrats import them for.

Opening the border and providing logistic support for the ensuing largest invasion in human history constitute treason. The migrants are in effect enemy troops brought in to occupy the country. The more seemingly helpless, the more effective they are in this new form of warfare.

The nuclear arsenal that the USA amassed to prevent communism from being imposed from abroad is useless now that the threat originates from within. Democrats are overthrowing our system of government and systematically destroying the American nation.

On a tip from WDS 2.0.

Oct 31 2023

Judge Orders Biden to Stop Destroying USA’s Defenses

In Fahrenheit 451, a dystopian story of government hostile to those it governs, firemen don’t put out fires; they start them. Similarly, under Joe Biden’s handlers, the Border Patrol does not prevent foreign invasion but facilitates it by removing barriers that have been erected to defend the country.

Refreshing sanity from the judicial branch:

Judge Alia Moses, of the U.S. Western District, ordered the Department of Homeland Security to stop ‘disassembling, degrading, tampering’ miles of the wire set up on the banks of the Rio Grande.

The focus of the lawsuit is Eagle Pass, where thousands of migrants crossed in late September and where huge crowds try to get in every day.

[Texas] sued the Biden administration last week after members of border patrol were seen cutting out sections to let border crossers in.

If sanity is to be reasserted, let’s take the next step by enforcing the law. Treason is illegal. No one has ever been more conspicuously guilty of it than Biden and Mayorkas, both of whom should be arrested at once for facilitating the largest invasion in human history.

On a tip from Ed McAninch.

Sep 30 2023

Treason Enables Largest Invasion in Human History

We live in historic times. The most massive invasion in human history is taking place before our eyes:

Was the second Persian invasion (480-479 BC) of Greece, where over 500,000 forces were deployed by King Xerses, the largest invasion? How about the D-Day deployment of 1.1 million Allied troops? Wrong on both counts. The largest in history is over 7 million primarily young military-age males, unvetted, illegally crossing into the US; Joe Biden is their de facto commander, and DHS Secretary Mayorkas is Chief of Staff. At the current pace, over 10 million will have entered the US by the end of Biden’s term.

An invasion on this scale requires not merely surrender or even complicity but the active assistance of those ruling the victim country:

• Border Patrol agents have been videoed cutting through razor wire at the southern border and allowing migrants to enter the US

• Texas Governor Greg Abbott had the wire installed as a deterrent to those looking to make the crossing over the Rio Grande and into the state

• Border crossings have risen to 8,000 a day in the week ending September 22, according to the Washington Office of Latin America

Death camps are so 20th century. To go with our soft tyranny, we now have soft genocide. The end result is the same, but for some reason it engenders less resistance.

Unless rule of law is restored quickly, starting with the law against treason, America will be extinguished by the leftists who chose Joe Biden as their figurehead, as Americans are displaced out of existence.

On tips from Ed McAninch and Dr. Kufi Tutite.

Sep 16 2023

Watch Biden Regime Dump Illegals Directly Onto Streets

What would you call agents of the federal government not merely allowing, inviting, and facilitating but actually orchestrating a massive unlawful invasion of the United States if not treason? Yet the crisis the Biden Regime is creating for purposes of demographic displacement is arrogantly staged right before our eyes:

What laws are on the books matters less than what laws are enforced. Immigration law obviously is not. Michelle Lujan Grisham not having been arrested confirms that the law against depriving Americans of their constitutional rights is not enforced either. Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas also remain at large, suggesting that the law against treason may as well not exist — at least as far as Democrats are concerned.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Sep 11 2023

On September 11 of All Days

Of all the dates on the calendar, the Biden Regime chose September 11 to announce that it is giving $6 BILLION to Islamic terrorists to reward them for kidnapping Americans:

The Biden administration has cleared the way for the release of five American citizens detained in Iran by issuing a blanket waiver for international banks to transfer $6 billion in frozen Iranian money from South Korea to Qatar without fear of U.S. sanctions.

In addition to the payoff, there was a prisoner swap:

In addition, as part of the deal, the administration has agreed to release five Iranian citizens held in the United States.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken signed off on the sanctions waivers late last week, a month after U.S. and Iranian officials said an agreement in principle was in place.

But the Regime waited until September 11 to notify Congress. If Biden blowing off the traditional memorial services didn’t get the point across, this sure did.

The prisoners traded for the hostages are likely terrorists. The $6 billion will likely be spent financing their activities at the expense of American lives.

On a tip from Occam’s Stubble.

Aug 07 2023

Treason at the Border

Maybe the big split won’t happen in response gun confiscation. Maybe the Cold Civil War will go hot over this:

What definition of treason would not include destroying border defenses so that foreigners can unlawfully invade the country?

This is inflicting permanent damage. Addressing it is a more urgent priority even than the Biden Crime Family’s influence peddling, leave alone the spurious indictment of the week against Donald Trump.

Nevertheless, a month has gone by since the video above was released, with no indication that those in authority understand its gravity.

A nation unwilling to defend itself against enemies both foreign and domestic will not be around for long.

On a tip from Dr. Kufi Tutite.

May 12 2023

Treasonous Biden Regime Unleashes Total Chaos at Border

Despite absurd reassurances from the sick joke of a Homeland “Security” Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas that the border is secure, the Biden Regime now admits the obvious. Through deliberate inaction, it has unleashed total chaos:

Title 42, the public health order that allows for the rapid expulsion of migrants at the southern border due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ended on Thursday night with the ending of the COVID-19 national emergency. In the days leading up to the order’s end, agents have been encountering historic levels of over 10,000 migrants a day – with authorities already preparing for releases of migrants without court dates onto the streets.

Why bother with court dates? Everyone knows the invaders won’t show up for them anyway.

“It’s going to be chaotic for a while,” President Biden told reporters…

Correction: it is going to be chaotic permanently. Opportunistic invaders are flooding into the country from every corner of the Third World in numbers that cannot ever be assimilated — nor were they ever intended to be.

The objective is to displace the American people with an alien population lacking our tradition of limited government and certain to support an ever-expanding welfare state. This is genocide without the gas chambers.

It would be less alarming if the invaders where wearing the uniforms of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. Occupation by a foreign government might eventually be expelled. We will never be free of the invaders invited by Biden. Incentivized by the welfare state to breed explosively, they will quickly render Americans a shrinking, irrelevant minority in our own country.

A single fighter jet could stop this immediately. But our own government wants it to happen. This is treason on a scale never witnessed in history.

Behold what America will look like before Democrats are through with it:

On tips from Blackjack and Varla.

May 12 2023

Open Thread

A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. - Marcus Tullius Cicero

Jan 24 2023

Liberal Foundations Dump Money on ChiComs

In case anyone doubts that the limousine liberals who throw money out the windows of their well-endowed foundations are not merely misguided but malevolent:

Two of the largest liberal charities in the United States handed millions of dollars in grants to entities in China linked to the Chinese Communist Party, documents show.

The Bill and Melinda Gates and Ford foundations, two highly influential nonprofit groups influencing left-leaning causes, combined in 2021 to give over $39 million to China, according to their latest tax forms. Some of these funds were directed to Chinese universities and government agencies involved in military research to further the CCP’s global influence, filings reveal.

Unlike the moonbats who took over the foundation founded on the wealth he created, Henry Ford was as based as they come. The tachometer is in the red zone as he spins in his grave at 9,000 rpm.

Bill Gates, in contrast, is still with us and glad to fund the ChiComs.

“If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that we need to heavily scrutinize every American dollar that goes to CCP-affiliated entities,” Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) told the Washington Free Beacon.

One reason is that under the direction of authoritarian technocrats like Anthony Fauci and Francis Collins, American taxpayer money was evidently spent to develop Covid, possibly as a bioweapon to be deployed against the USA.

In addition to the communist enemy abroad, the Gates and Ford foundations fund the still more minacious enemy at home:

In 2021, the two groups funneled over $85 million to organizations managed by Arabella Advisors, the largest Democratic-linked dark money network in the U.S.

Whether the behavior of our liberal ruling class is to be explained by irresponsibility arising from extreme arrogance or these people are just plain evil, the effect is the same.

On a tip from MrRightWingDave.

Jan 09 2023

Biden Compares Illegals to Jews, Making Us the Nazis

The crisis Joe Biden actively caused at the border is so noticeably out of control that he has finally deigned to participate in a Potemkin visit to the disaster zone. He even has a solution — amnesty:

Ahead of President Biden’s first-ever visit to the southern border, both the president and top members of his administration have renewed calls for a sweeping immigration bill that includes a mass amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants despite it being a non-starter for many Republicans.

Amnesty would splash gasoline onto the flames, confirming that all invaders must do is break into our effectively unguarded country in their many millions and they will be made into citizens, with full access to grotesquely extravagant welfare programs. More to the point for Democrats, the foreign colonists will be able to vote without the inconvenience of cheating.

Biden is importing illegal aliens into the country in staggering numbers that cannot be absorbed. It would be absurd to expect him to stop now. Late last week, he compared illegal immigrants to Jews fleeing the Holocaust, after a reporter asked if they have a human right to invade our country:

“Well, I think it is a human right if your family is being persecuted,” Biden responded. “I thought it was a human right for, you know, Jews in Germany to be able to go — to get to escape and get help where they could.”

They all claim to be persecuted. They turn themselves in, demanding asylum. Then they disappear into the country (dispersed by own government), aware they we do not have the resources to track them down years later when courts get around to denying their claims.

Biden’s outlandishly inappropriate comparison reveals the progressive mentality. Grasping invaders who exploit Democrats’ treasonous refusal to defend the border are seen as victims, even as they arrive from every corner of the world to violate our laws and sovereignty.

In the liberal religion, anyone acknowledged as a victim is sacred. Those who oppress them are demonic and profane.

If illegal aliens are the Jews, who are the Nazis? We are, if we lift a finger to defend ourselves.

Border authorities are the equivalent of the SS. That’s why the Biden Regime aggressively sides with illegal aliens against the Border Patrol, going so far as to persecute agents already cleared of wrongdoing after absurd media claims that they were whipping invaders from Haiti.

The American people have never had a worse enemy than the leftist radicals who currently control the levers of power. They are stealing our country out from under us so as to destroy it in service to their cultural Marxist ideology and so as to replace it with a Third World country that will be easier to rule.

On tips from Bluto, Varla, and ABC of the ANC.

Dec 24 2022

Good and Bad Places for Presenting a Foreign Flag

The Babylon Bee story is parody…

“This is a dark day for the country,” said Representative Thomas Massie, watching in disbelief as the events unfolded on TV. “Not only did these lunatics make it all the way into the sacred House Chamber — they waved the flag of a hopelessly corrupt foreign nation and made off with $50 billion.”

…but the picture is for real:

Neocon John Podhoretz loved the spectacle:

At the climax of [Zelensky’s pitch for still more of our money], he handed the flag to Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris, who were in their respective positions as speaker of the House and president of the Senate directly behind him.

Two minutes later, Pelosi returned the favor by presenting him with the flag that was flown over the Capitol in his honor. She said someone would carry it out for him. “I can take,” Zelensky said.

So you can call it stagy. You can call it theater. You can cast it in negative terms if you choose. Go ahead. It’s a free country. Be a jerk.

Thanks for the permission, John.

This desecration of the Capitol is more alarming than anything that happened on 1/6/21, because it is emblematic of a government that puts another country’s interests ahead of ours.

Our rulers shovel tens of $billions that we cannot afford at a country that has nothing to do with us, risking nuclear war, while our own border is being overrun in an invasion that will change America for the worse forever, if not obliterate it altogether.

This event from last February represents a more appropriate response to the display of a foreign flag before the legislature:

On tips from Occam’s Stubble and Mr. Freemarket.

Sep 12 2022

Plea Deals for September 11 Conspirators

Yesterday was September 11. What more likely day for news to come out that the planners of the infamous terror attack may be allowed to cop a plea?

U.S. military prosecutors are reportedly negotiating potential plea deals with 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other conspirators imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay.

The point is to escape the death penalty — which at this rate was never going to be carried out before they die of old age anyway.

Mohammed is widely credited with being the architect of the 9/11 terror attacks. The other four defendants are Ramzi Binalshibh, Mustafa Ahmed al-Hawsawi, Walid bin Attash and Ammar al-Baluchi.

The defendants cite mistreatment by the CIA. They murdered almost 3,000 Americans, probably including journalist Daniel Pearl in addition to those killed on 9/11. Yet the terrorists are the victims. In a society deranged by moonbattery, the bad guys are always the victims, and victims tend to get their way.

Each of the defendants has been assigned a military lawyer, a civilian lawyer and a human rights lawyer.

Each of them should have been assigned a firing squad more than 20 years ago.

Fumed James Woods yesterday,

“To see this headline on September 11 is appalling. Why is justice such an elusive concept in America today? Will the heinous among us never be held accountable? This is an outrage, and to read about it on this sacred day is an insult to the fallen.”

As noted yesterday, Biden’s unconditional surrender facilitated the next attack. Uncoincidentally, September 11, 2021 was set as the date by which Afghanistan was to be turned over to al Qaeda’s Taliban allies.

On a tip from Lyle.

Sep 11 2022

September 11: Never Again?

Never forget September 11:

After Biden’s abrupt unconditional surrender to the Taliban, during which thousands of Americans were abandoned, al Qaeda found itself welcome again in the country it used as a base of operations for September 11.

Next time around, al Qaeda and its Taliban allies will have more resources, because Biden left $billions worth of weaponry in their hands and has shoveled our money at them as foreign aid.

The southern border is wide open, making it easy for terrorists to infiltrate. Another September 11 is almost inevitable, brought to you by Biden et al. The body count is likely to be higher.

On a tip from Anonymous.


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