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Feb 04 2021

Wokesters Desecrate Abraham Lincoln in Boise

A story from Boise epitomizes today’s Left and its relation to American heritage:

A bronze statue of Abraham Lincoln, known as “Seated Lincoln,” was vandalized with paint, feces, and protest signs on Monday in Julia Davis Park. Three protest groups claimed responsibility for the act.

Among the groups claiming responsibility was “Peaceful Roots of Change.”

Members of the group described the act as a temporary political display meant to raise awareness on the first day of Black History Month.

As part of his reward for freeing the slaves, Honest Abe got a Black Lives Matter flag wrapped around his neck.

The other groups involved were Black Lives Matter Boise and Antifa Boise.

Once again, Lincoln was targeted on the pretext that he saved from the noose the vast majority but not all of the Indians involved in the Santee Sioux uprising. According to woke ideology, it is an unforgiveable sin to have punished savages for murdering whites in the 19th century.

Also, Peaceful Roots of Change spokesmoonbat Samantha Hager falsely claims that Lincoln owned slaves. Now that objective truth has been subordinated to liberal ideology, history is whatever leftists imagine would justify their behavior.

Hager barks that the Constitution of the country she is trying to destroy guarantees the right to vandalize statues. She says the group consulted with the ACLU and National Lawyers Guild prior to the vandalism, and smugly crows,

“We have wonderful lawyers on our side that are at our beck and call.”

How wonderful these lawyers are is a matter of opinion.

People still move to Idaho in hopes of escaping liberalism and its predictable consequences. But it is no longer far enough. Nowhere on earth is far enough. If we don’t fight leftists where we stand, they win. America will continue to be defiled, then erased.

Applied liberal ideology.

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