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Jul 21 2021

Abolitionist Teaching Network Instills CRT Poison

With Biden’s handlers in control, critical race theory is our quasi-official national religion. This means more than systematic discrimination against white job applicants. It means the leftist brainwashing that takes place in public schools is going into overdrive:

The Department of Education linked to the Abolitionist Teaching Network’s “Guide for Racial Justice & Abolitionist Social and Emotional Learning” in its handbook intended to help schools reopen after the COVID-19 pandemic and recommend how they should spend billions of dollars they collectively received through the American Rescue Plan.

Slavery was abolished in this country 159 years ago, after existing throughout the world since before recorded history. What these abolitionists want to abolish is what we used to call the American nation. They call it “whiteness.”

“Abolitionist Teachers” should “[b]uild a school culture that engages in healing and advocacy. This requires a commitment to learning from students, families, and educators who disrupt Whiteness and other forms of oppression,” the group states in its guide.

If “educators” called for disrupting blackness, this would be condemned as racism. But whiteness is different, because white people are racists, according to critical race theory, the ideology that drives them even if they don’t refer to it by name.

While the Abolitionist Teaching Network’s mission statement is vague, its rhetoric elsewhere indicates that it aims to overhaul schools to prioritize racial awareness.

It shares that goal with the Biden’s Handlers Administration, which has been pushing CRT for its intended purpose — to tear the country apart by fueling racial tensions. When the old America has been destroyed, a new one can be imposed, in which the federal government is so pervasive and all-powerful that it can inflict “equity,” guaranteeing that no blade of grass can grow higher than another.

In addition to finding educators committed to disrupting Whiteness, the guide states that teachers should remove “all punitive or disciplinary practices that spirit murder Black, Brown, and Indigenous children.”

If you think inner city public schools are zoos now, wait until these lunatics have done away with “spirit murdering” members of preferred racial groups for misbehaving. Learning anything except hatred of white people will be out of the question. With cultural Marxists in charge, that is the sole purpose of schools.

The guide denounces education that is “rooted in Eurocentric norms.” These norms may include history classes that teach what really happened instead of anti-American 1619 propaganda, and math classes that insist 2 + 2 = 4 even for sacred Persons of Color.

The Abolitionist Teaching Network’s guide also lists abolitionist teachers’ “demands,” which include “[f]ree, antiracist therapy for White educators and support staff.”

“Antiracist therapy” likely refers Maoist style struggle sessions, in which whites are forced to denounce themselves for their “privilege.”

Thunders Abolitionist Teaching Network cofounder Bettina Love:

“I want us to be feared.”

These maniacs are scary all right. Scarier still is that the federal government — including the military — is under the control of people who share their deranged ideology, which is centered on hatred of America’s core population.

They are inflating our currency to finance pumping this poison into children’s heads:

The American Rescue Plan provided $122 billion for the Department of Education to distribute to state agencies, which would subsequently disburse funding to local school systems. The local education agencies must use at least 20% of the provided funding to address learning loss through programs that consider “students’ academic, social, and emotional needs,” the rescue plan states.

The Department of Education’s handbook, which guides local school systems on how to reopen after the COVID-19 pandemic, hyperlinks to the Abolitionist Teaching Network’s guidance…

Letting people who hate us take control of our country will not end well.

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