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Sep 06 2022

Another Culture War Skirmish in Provo

You know the Culture War requires a renewed commitment when the front lines are in Provo, Utah.

Last weekend, Provo hosted the all-ages, family-friendly Back to School Pride Drag Extravaganza. “Talent” for this grooming event apparently consisted largely of local Brigham Young University students and alumni.

BYU is currently embroiled in a hate hoax that despite its obviousness has inspired South Carolina to cancel a basketball series with it.

This puts pressure on the school, which is owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, to demonstrate that it is on board with the liberal agenda lest it be canceled by the academic establishment.

This news from BYU has NBC fuming:

Brigham Young University removed pamphlets with off-campus resources for LGBTQ students from welcome bags for incoming freshmen late last month.

Created by RaYnbow Collective … the pamphlets offered information about weekly and monthly events available to LGBTQ students, as well as lists of organizations in the area that could provide therapy, safe housing, mentorship and more. The RaYnbow Collective is not officially affiliated with the university.

Let’s hope not. BYU is among the last refuges in the country where homosexual behavior is officially discouraged. This draws the ire of the media and LGBT activists, who would like to do to it what they did to the Boy Scouts of America.

The same RaYnbow Collective sponsored the supposedly child-friendly drag show in Provo, which featured perverts whose names are variant spellings of Anal Leakage and Genitalia.

When NBC demanded to know why the pamphlets were removed, BYU emailed a statement that included the following:

The decision to remove the materials by Student Life was based on the university’s commitment to provide support through the Office of Belonging and our counseling services and not to allow outside entities to imply affiliation with or endorsement from the university.

Or to put it slightly differently, they were not going to allow LGBT militants to create the impression that BYU officially endorses their depraved agenda.

Notes NBC,

The announcement of the new office came the same week church leader Jeffrey R. Holland spoke at the Utah campus about defending the doctrine of the family and marriage as the union of a man and a woman.

Sounds like a plot to preserve the remnants of moral decency. Good thing the media exposed it.

LGBT militants were able to subjugate the Boy Scouts because the cowards running the organization did not have the commitment or character to stand up to them. Let’s hope BYU is different.

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