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Apr 29 2023

Biden Regime Plans All-Electric Military Fleet

Lest you think there is any chance of the USA prevailing in the inevitable war with China under Democrat rule, consider that Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm is pushing for an all-EV military:

Granholm said that she supports electrifying the Department of Defense’s (DOD) non-tactical vehicle fleet by 2030, during an exchange with Republican Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa, at a Wednesday hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Under Democrat control, the Pentagon is not worried about defeating communists. Its objectives are to promote homosexuality and antiwhite race hate and to pretend to control the weather:

The U.S. Army is currently committed to electrifying its light-duty non-tactical vehicle fleet by 2027, with hybrids bridging the gap to full electrification by 2035, according to the Army’s 2022 Climate Strategy. The Army is also seeking to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 50% from 2005 levels by 2030, and hit net-zero emissions by 2050.

At last a use will be found for the vast numbers of EV charging stations Biden has inflated our currency to install. Currently they may serve largely as hangouts for bums, but after the ChiComs invade, our armed forces can use them to keep vehicles charged while retreating.

The outlandishly expensive, unreliable, far from durable, combustion-prone batteries that help make electric vehicles economically absurd depend heavily on materials from China:

China owns many of the rare minerals needed to produce EV batteries. Moving the United States armed services to an all-EV fleet is tantamount to making the military dependent on China. China occupies a bottleneck position when it comes to the minerals needed for EV batteries.

Let’s hope the ChiComs don’t think to cut off our supply after Biden et al. weakness-signal their way into WWIII.

Democrat policy applied to the Air Force.

On a tip from Franco. Graphic compliments of Chuck A.


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