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Apr 27 2023

Brace for Biden 2024

Joe Biden has already secured his place in American history as the nation’s worst president, crippling the country both domestically and abroad. Yet the senile, corrupt, incompetent leftist has the arrogance to run for reelection:

Biden’s three-minute launch video touched on the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, anti-abortion sentiment, Trump-aligned Republicans, and reforms to Social Security and Medicare. The president made the case that he needed another term to “finish the job,” although he made virtually no mention of the actual job he’s done so far.

That is, he is running on Reichstag fire hype over a minor riot that occurred years ago, Democrat love of abortion, and hysteria generated over the notion of reforming entitlements before they become insolvent.

See if you can stomach this slimy tyrant pretending to stand for freedom:

Veteran Republican strategist Scott Jennings summarizes the strategy:

“Their entire construct depends upon the Republican Party nominating the one person in this field who is guaranteed to get fewer votes than Joe Biden.”

That would be Donald Trump, who is no friend of conservatives. Trump sides with the Democrats on abortion and entitlements (not to mention LGBTism and even Covid lockdowns), but political ads do not target the sort of people who would follow politics closely enough to know this.

Speaking of political ads, the GOP let artificial intelligence respond to Biden’s video announcement:

A vote for Biden in 2024 is actually a vote for the explicit Affirmative Action hire who would likely take his place well before the end of his term:

“Finish the job!” croaks Biden. In light of what his handlers have been doing to the country — hamstringing the energy industry, humiliating us on the national stage, weakening the military, dividing the country with belligerent radicalism, driving up inflation and the national debt with a never-ending spree of wasteful spending that guarantees eventual economic collapse — it would be hard to come up with a more ominous slogan:

The nation is at fundamental odds about the nature of truth, government, and inherent rights. Biden wants to codify the murder of preborn children into law. He wants to ban private weapons so only the government has them. He wants to punish parents who pray outside abortion clinics or speak up at school board meetings by sending the DOJ and FBI after them. He wants to use the FBI to infiltrate churches to root out “extremism.” He wants to blow out spending and raise taxes while expanding the power of the IRS to collect said taxes. He wants to centralize power. He wants to make sure dissidence is censored under the guise of “disinformation.” He wants to rule by executive fiat instead of congressional lawmaking. He wants to stack the Supreme Court so it can’t check his power grabs.

That’s what finishing the job would mean, and what his handlers will inflict — whether behind him or behind Kamala Harris — if the spent force Trump with his sinking 25% approval cannot be stopped in the primaries.

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