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May 31 2021

First-Graders Taught Masturbation

Progressives have not yet progressed to incorporating pansexuality into the grade school curriculum. For now, they are teaching children about monosexuality:

Last fall, parents at the posh, $55,000-per-year Dalton School got wind of their first-graders being taught sex education lessons that included masturbation.

The kids were taught by educator Justine Ang Fonte, who recently led a porn literacy workshop at another pricey prep school.

At Manhattan’s Dalton, kids were shown a video cartoon of children discussing masturbation:

“Hey, how come sometimes my penis gets big sometimes and points in the air?” asks the little boy in the cartoon, leading to an explanation of what an “erection” is.

The boy nods and says, “Sometimes I touch my penis because it feels good.”

Then the little girl character chimes in: “Sometimes, when I’m in my bath or when Mom puts me to bed, I like to touch my vulva too.”

Don’t be surprised if your 6-year-old comes home from school talking about her vulva.

Since moonbats apply depraved sexuality to everything, children are also taught that they should demand that their parents and grandparents obtain their permission before touching them.

Fonte’s lessons for first-graders also include subjects such as gender assigned at birth, gender identity and gender expression.

“Kids have no less than five classes on gender identity — this is pure indoctrination,” a Dalton mother said. “This person should absolutely not be teaching children. Ironically, she teaches kids about ‘consent’ yet she has never gotten consent from parents about the sexually explicit, and age-inappropriate material about transgender to first-graders.”

Another mother, who describes herself as “furious” and “horrified” at the sexual indoctrination kids are subjected to at Dalton, complained that “it’s so hard to fight back because you’ll get canceled and your child will suffer.”

The parents spoke on the condition of anonymity because they are afraid of retaliation.

That’s how progressives have managed to progress this far. Having taken over the media and schools, they intimidate people into going along by wielding their legendary liberal tolerance. The same applies to other aspects of the liberal agenda, prominently including critical race theory indoctrination.

For $55,000 a year, you would think the kids would learn something more cutting edge than masturbation. Maybe they will move on to furry sex soon. Kids will love being told that they can sexually identify as their favorite cartoon animal.

First-grade education in a world run by moonbats.

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May 30 2021

Children’s Show Promotes Pansexual Families

If what they are doing to the economy doesn’t motivate you to push back against liberals, maybe what they are doing to children will do the job. Yahoo Life effervescently reports on yet another attempt to indoctrinate kids to embrace sexual deviancy:

LGBTQ-inclusive kids’ shows are starting to pop up in preparation for Pride Month in June, and Blue’s Clues is getting in on the action with an adorable song and video featuring a [cartoon] version of Drag Race star, Nina West.

Nina West is the stage name of drag queen Andrew Levitt.

The Blue’s Clues sing-along video showcases families with two moms, two dads, ace, pans, trans, non-binary, and bi parents as they make their way through the parade route, flags flying proudly.

Behold the state of children’s entertainment, as brought into your home by Nickelodeon’s Nick Jr:

For seconds, the kids can watch Little Miss Hot Mess sing “The Hips on the Drag Queen Go Swish Swish Swish.”

In a sane world, everyone would agree that sex should have nothing to do with children other than creating them. But sex is not for procreation in a society dominated by moonbats. It is for perverting and politicizing. Nothing could be more perverted than exposing kids to leftists’ grotesque sexual ideology.

Those young enough to watch this stuff won’t understand what “nonbinary,” “ace” (asexual), “bi,” “pan,” et cetera mean. Maybe liberal parents are expected to fill in details that for now can’t be televised. Or maybe the idea is to establish positive connotations in the minds of rug rats so they will be eager to study pansexuality when public schools incorporate it into the grade school curriculum.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

May 21 2021

Drag Queen Indoctrination for 3–8-Year-Olds

To allow the liberal establishment to remain in power is to subject children to deliberate corruption by some of the most conspicuously depraved members of society. For example, PBS and NYC public schools teamed up to produce a television program targeting 3–8-year-olds that features a drag queen calling himself “Little Miss Hot Mess.”

Via Daily Caller:

“Today I’m going to read from my own book, which is ‘The Hips On the Drag Queen Go Swish Swish Swish,’” explained Little Miss Hot Mess, who is reportedly one of the founding members of Drag Queen Story Hour. …

Little Miss Hot Mess read the book to the virtual audience, encouraging viewers to snap their hands, shimmy, twirl, dance, shake their hips and put on makeup, video showed.

After performing for an audience of young children while dressed as a contemptuous parody of a woman, Mr Mess enthusiastically proclaimed, “I think we might have some drag queens in training on our hands!”

That would be icing on the cake, from the viewpoint of progressive social engineers. The likely main objective is to desensitize children to depravity and degeneracy, making them resistance to the moral values that serve as a natural defense against liberal ideology.

Two separate streams of tax money help finance this:

The episode is part of the series “Let’s Learn,” a public television series produced in partnership by PBS member station WNET and the New York City Department of Education, WNET spokeswoman Lindsey Horvitz told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

From here it will only get worse, so long as Democrats remain in power:

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May 18 2021

Crocheted Genitals for Trans Toddlers

To the reasons America is overdue for the reward Sodom and Gomorrah received we can now add crocheted genitals for small children whose parents are grooming them to be transsexual:

The “Bitty Bug Soft Packer,” according to Stitchbug Studio — which sells the pattern for the “soft packer” — is “for use by trans and nonbinary folks, or as an anatomical model.”

Bethany Amborn, who designed the viral pattern, said that she came across the idea for the Bitty Bug — which is especially designed for younger children — when she was looking for a pattern to make a soft packer for herself.

Sizes go down to 1 inch. It’s never too early to start molding a child into a trophy transsexual:

By grooming their children to be sexually deranged from the time they are toddlers, moonbats can guarantee they don’t grow up normal and healthy, which could lead to voting Republican.

Losing the Culture War to liberals is not an option.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

May 14 2021

Together With Pride: Woke Cereal

If there is one thing moonbats cannot abide, it is the innocence of children. That’s why they come at kids from every direction with relentless indoctrination, corrupting them through the schools, through television, through the degenerate, hyperpoliticized entertainment industry — even through cereal boxes.

Kellogg’s has teamed up with the militant LGBT activist group GLAAD to produce a new cereal:

The new Together with Pride cereal is made of colorful bites that look like Froot Loops, but are shaped like hearts. They’re even dusted with edible “glitter” for a festive touch, per the brand. …

To top it off, you can give back with your purchase, since Kellogg’s is donating $3 to GLAAD’s efforts for the LGBTQ+ community for every box of Together with Pride cereal that’s sold.

To encourage children to reject their own gender in accordance with the LGBT agenda, the cereal box sexually disorients them by asking for their preferred pronouns.

The next step will be including fruit-flavored condoms as prizes. Or maybe they will invite kids to send in box tops to get an all-ages sex toy from the WinkWink Boutique.

On a tip from Anonymous.

May 07 2021

Not the Education Most Parents Have in Mind

Letting moonbats run public schools turns out not to be such a good idea. Young America’s Foundation reports from Washington state:

Jennifer Miller, a 1st grade teacher in Bellingham School District, subjected her six and seven-year-old students to I am Jazz, a book that details a two-year-old biological male beginning his transition to a female, with the support of his parents.

It isn’t surprising to see teachers subjecting children to sexually warped propaganda, considering who runs the school board:

Jennifer Mason, president of the Bellingham School Board, owns and operates a self-described “all-ages” sex toy shop.

The shop is called the WinkWink Boutique. It bills itself as “a woman-owned, all-ages, inclusive, not creepy sex shop.” Readers may or may not take Mason’s word for it that the shop isn’t creepy.

“I want to show people if sex isn’t something to be ashamed about, then I should be able to be an elected official and own a sex shop at the same time,” Mason told the local paper. “That’s what it means to live your values.”

What’s scary is that these people indoctrinate small children with their values.

On a tip from R F.

May 04 2021

How to Create Your Own Transsexual Trophy Child

Short of producing offspring through an extramarital interracial relationship, nothing enhances your political correctness credentials like a transsexual trophic child. This helpful video demonstrates how you can create your own:

Kids are confused by nature. That confusion provides an opening for indoctrination in gender dysphoria. Pry it wide by destabilizing their young minds. Just asking a few leading questions can get things started.

Six years from now, this girl may be on hormone blockers to prevent normal development. In another six, she might have parts of her body surgically removed or altered. By then, calling her “her” will probably result in a jail sentence.

The mother posted her social engineering project on TikTok, no doubt expecting praise. But the social media response was not entirely congratulatory, as reported at The Blaze:

One Twitter user mocked the mother in the video, and responded, “‘I don’t know why I feel like a boy, mommy, but I think I will get my emotional needs met if I answer the way you obviously expect me to.'”

Another user added, “Her response left her speechless…..because she couldn’t believe how well her daughter recited the speech she taught her.”

A third user fired back, “If someone had asked me if I thought I was a dinosaur at 6 years old … I would have said YES. These questions and conversations should not be taking place at all with children this young. LET YOUR CHILDREN BE F***ING CHILDREN YOU PSYCHOPATHS.”

Yet again we see that moonbattery is not merely wrong; it is sick. Children should be protected from it.

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Apr 01 2021

Indecent Second-Grade Lesson

Yet again we see that under moonbat rule, public schools are no place for a child. In Greenwich, Connecticut, second graders were subjected to a video called “The Alfred Jr. & Shadow – A Short Story About Being Scared.” It features a cartoon little girl menaced by the silhouette of an erection.

During the 9-second scene,

The voice-over explains that some “children have experienced an adult touching or putting their penis in the child’s private parts or mouth,” saying they’re “terrified that this will happen again.”

We have come to a pretty pass when stills from a video shown to second graders need to be pixelated.

In damage control mode, Greenwich Schools Superintendent Toni Jones sent out an email admitting that the “content at this point in the video was not appropriate” for a second grade classroom. It is nice to know that educrats are still sometimes contrite when parents find out about this stuff and raise a fuss — for now. After the “It Takes a Village” policy is fully implemented, it will be none of parents’ business what children are subjected to at school.

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Mar 24 2021

Arizona Educators: Babies Are Racist at 3 Months

Kids might learn all sorts of things, with leftists in control of schools. Staffers at the Arizona Department of Education have promoted an equity toolkit suggesting that white babies are racists from as early as 3 months.

The toolkit asserts that “expressions of racial prejudice often peak at ages 4 and 5.” White kids allegedly “remain strongly biased in favor of whiteness,” from age 5 years. Whites parents are encouraged to “begin addressing issues of race and racism early, even before their children can speak” and to create “a home environment that challenges broader societal messages privileging whiteness.”

Educators take brainwashing very seriously. In utopia, any white kid too old to ride a tricycle will be able to explain in detail why it is morally wrong to be Caucasian.

Schools run by moonbats are no place for children.

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Mar 22 2021

Pantene Ad Features Lesbians Converting Boy Into Girl

It seemed that Procter & Gamble had reached the last limits of moonbattery with the woke commercials it has been ramming down our throats. But progressives always progress to another previously unimaginable extreme.

After already having promoted the transsexualization of children, as well as obesity, man hatred, the false and divisive black oppression narrative, and the bizarre lie that men can menstruate, P&G continues to push the envelope.

The many P&G brands include Pantene haircare products, which are intended for liberal use only to judge by a commercial featuring two lesbians converting a boy into a pseudogirl on behalf of their grotesque ideology.

Behold the price innocent kids pay as liberals press their advantage in the Culture War:

The vast majority of children who have been convinced they have gender dysphoria grow out of it. But they will never grow out of the damage inflicted on their bodies and their minds by moonbats who try to physically convert them into the opposite sex.

Woke corporations have reached the depth of exploiting child abuse as a marketing ploy.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC. Hat tip: Not the Bee.

Mar 12 2021

Twitter: No Objecting to Projecting Perversion Onto Children

Mind you don’t voice disapproval of the statement attributed to transsexual activist Alok Vaid-Menon, in the context of guys like himself invading female private facilities, that “Little girls are also kinky. Your kids aren’t as straight and narrow as you think.” This could get you banned from Twitter like Lauren Witzke:

Witzke, the Republican 2020 candidate for a U.S. Senate seat in Delaware, has been blacklisted by Twitter after she denounced comments attributed to a transgender activist that called little girls “kinky.”

The ban, which appears to be permanent, was prompted by Witzke calling the statement “demonic.”

Twitter has confirmed that the ban is permanent. Calling a demonic statement “demonic” is considered “hateful conduct” by the demons running Big Tech.

Twitter claims to have a “zero tolerance” policy against … “any material that features or promotes child sexual exploitation.” Yet it banned Witzke, a former candidate for the U.S. Senate, for condemning exactly that.

Soon we will reach the point where the ruling class can dispense with pretense on this topic. Then anyone who doesn’t approve of pedophilia will be canceled as a pedophobe.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

Mar 07 2021

AOC Calls Republicans Weird for Being Obsessed With Gender Identity

By now we are used to Democrats projecting their own characteristics onto their opponents, but this breaks new ground in terms of absurdity. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a prominent representative of the party that is aggressively imposing the transsexual agenda, screeches that Republicans who resist their grotesque social engineering are “weird”:

“Trans kids are awesome, incredible, beautiful, and wonderful. Bigotry is not. Republicans need to stop obsessing over other people’s gender identity bc frankly it’s very weird and they’re doing a lot of harm to children who are just trying to be themselves.”

It is progressives who created and obsessively promote the depraved concept of transsexual children.

These children are not trying to be themselves. In response to pressures created by liberals — often including their parents — they are trying to become something other than themselves on behalf of a sick political agenda.

AOC’s ejaculation was in defense of the Equality Act, which uses the force of the federal government to impose males on female sports teams and private facilities. That is weirdness taken to the last extreme and then rammed down our throats at gunpoint.

This is weird.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Mar 05 2021

United Nations Pushes Child Sexuality

The purpose of each pillar supporting the liberal establishment is to advance the progressive agenda in all of its pernicious depravity. At the global level, this applies to the United Nations. The Center for Family and Human Rights reveals a new report published by the UN Human Rights Council that aspires to intercede between children and their parents so as to erode sexual morality:

The report asserts that “sexual expression” is part of the “interwoven fabric of children’s privacy.” The report defines children as anyone under the age of 18.

As we have seen repeatedly, you are never too young for leftists to take an interest in your sex life.

The report asserts that “adolescents need to be able to make decisions regarding their well-being and bodies, and to safely and privately explore their sexuality as they mature, whether offline or online.” However, the report explains, bodily integrity and autonomy rights are infringed by “governments, commercial entities, health-care providers and other professionals, parents, and peers.” How are bodily integrity and autonomy rights infringed? Denial of abortion. Requiring parental permission for abortion and contraception. Therapy for unwanted sexual attractions. And slut-shaming.

No doubt preventing children from gawping at pornography also prevents them from exploring their sexuality.

Once again, the transsexual agenda is aggressively pushed at children:

The report insists that children have diverse gender identities, sexual orientations, and expression.

Back when human rights were a good thing, they applied to everyone. Now the term has been appropriated by leftist social engineers, who have largely replaced rights with the privileges they bestow upon favored groups. Here, a distorted conception of the right to privacy is used to promote degeneracy and perversion.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Mar 04 2021

LGBT Propaganda Targets Toddlers

They won’t let your kids read Dr Seuss books, because he has been sentenced to cancelation. No worries; a few books for children meet with liberal approval — like The GayBCs, by M. L. Webb.

Watch in horror and sadness as moonbattery is mainlined directly into a preschooler’s brain before it has had a chance to form:

This is one book that won’t get banned by Amazon for thoughtcrime.

If toddlers have to be introduced to homosexuality, let’s inject a little realism. “A” should be for “anal cancer,” “H” for “HIV/AIDS,” “I” for “incontinence,” “P” for “psychiatric problems,” “R” for “rectal prolapse,” et cetera.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

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