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May 17 2019

Delivering Goods in the Rainbow Utopia

It doesn’t matter how excessively the remaining whites are taxed. There will still be a shortage of goods in the rainbow utopia now that Afrikaners have been compelled in the name of moonbattery to turn the country they built out of wilderness over to savages. In part this is because not all of the savages will wait for the socialist government to do the looting on their behalf. Here’s what truckers risk while delivering goods:

On Sunday morning, a truck carrying clothing due for Cape Town, was stoned from a pedestrian overpass. The boulder smashed through the windscreen, injuring the driver, who then lost control of the vehicle. Before the dust had settled, a group of frenzied looters descended on the wreckage, pillaging and plundering the cargo hold. The driver of the truck died as a result of the stampede.

This was no one-off.

Less than 24 hours after Sunday’s deadly encounter yet another two trucks were attacked in the same area. The modus operandi is grossly similar; boulders were flung from the overpass and smashed into the trucks’ windshields.

At least being a trucker in South Africa isn’t as dangerous as being a white farmer.

Meanwhile, the lights are going out.

At this point it might be best to evacuate the last civilized people and declare South Africa a nature preserve.

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May 14 2019

Beaches Soaked in Sewage in Rainbow Utopia

Social engineers may have to choose between the good of the planet and other aspects of their agenda. South Africa seemed to be their ultimate triumph: a First World country turned over to communists of color to be looted and destroyed in the name of equity and social justice. However, this has turned out poorly not only for the people who produce South Africa’s food, but also for Gaia.

Earlier we learned that South African rivers have become open sewers. Now we read this:

The severe sewage discharge followed massive amounts of rubbish piling up on Durban’s streets after municipal workers went on an unprotected strike, protesting against salary hikes awarded to Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK) veterans.

Envy. As Bill Whittle has eloquently explained, it’s what leftist economics boils down to.

MK was the armed wing of the ruling African National Congress, cofounded by liberal demigod Nelson Mandela himself.

It emerged last month on the eve of this week’s election that some MK vets employed by the city had received pay increases from R9 000 to R20 000. Many were employed in eThekwini’s already dysfunctional Durban Solid Waste (DSW) department. The strike, including blockades and dumping of refuse in the city centre, took place amid Africa’s biggest international tourism conference, the Tourism Indaba, taking place in Durban. Bathing, surfing and fishing have been banned in Durban due to raw sewage flowing into the water. Hundreds of thousands of litres of raw sewage are flowing into the port every hour.

Tourists, like fish, are advised to steer clear of the rainbow utopia.

The eThekwini Municipality’s health unit on Thursday ordered the City’s Parks, Recreation and Culture department to ban all bathing on Durban’s beaches until further notice. …

Diving operations, essential to the port’s ship repair precinct, as well as all fishing in the Port of Durban have also been suspended.

As William Butler Yeats might say, things fall apart; the center cannot hold.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Apr 11 2019

Political Discourse in the Rainbow Utopia

If you think politics in the USA has gotten ugly, wait until moonbattery collapses civilization, as in the rainbow utopia South Africa. From earlier this month:

In an election debate hosted by SABC, the country’s public broadcaster, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party, Land Party and Black First Land First party’s supporters violently expressed their disagreement on the proposed land reforms throwing chairs and other objects at each other.

Video footage showed members of EFF instigating violence against other supporters.

EFF is to the ruling ANC what kooks like Bernie Sanders are to the Democrat Party. They are not actually in charge yet, but they have been driving the agenda. This is very bad news for Caucasians and for property rights. Black First Land First is like EFF on bath salts. As for the Land Party,

The LAND PARTY will secure victory through a new democratic LAND revolution and found a South African people’s democratic dictatorship through PEOPLE’S POWER.

Any fighting between these groups is likely to be over power and the pace at which policy is imposed, not the policy itself.

Behold our utopian future:

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Mar 21 2019

South Africa Could Go Dark for Weeks

When South Africa was turned over to the African National Congress, Afrikaners must have asked themselves how long the lights would stay on. They now have an answer: not much longer.

Eskom officials said they are in a race against time to avoid a complete grid collapse and a national electricity blackout.

The electricity utility, the largest of South Africa’s government-owned enterprises, is falling back on massive load-shedding.

These extreme measures are needed because 17,000MW of Eskom’s 47,000MW installed capacity is not available for service due to unplanned breakdowns.

Also, there is a diesel shortage. If those in charge can’t keep military horses from starving, how are they going to keep power plants fed?

Energy advisor Ted Blom said a total blackout in South Africa is “totally possible”.

This will provide widespread opportunities for further wealth redistribution on a more informal basis than what the government has been doing.

A national blackout would result from demand exceeding supply, leading to cascading trip mechanisms. This would require restarting the power plants without electricity, which is called a “black start.” Expect the government to step in soon and forbid the use of such racist terms.

A black start would take 2 to 3 weeks. When the lights come back on, the scene they illuminate could be so hideous that people will want them back off again.

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Feb 20 2019

Where They Don’t Need to Fake Hate Crimes

According to the liberal narrative, racist white thugs prey upon innocent black victims. This is so discordant with reality that progressives rely on constant fake hate crimes to make the phenomenon seem real. In stark contrast, there is nothing unreal about violence inflicted on whites where they are the minority — certainly not in South Africa. These stories from the Rainbow Utopia are all dated yesterday:

Farm attack, woman attacked by 4 masked attackers with machetes, Darling
A farm attack took place in Darling in the Western Cape on 19 february 2019. Four masked suspects with panga’s (machetes) gained access by climbing on to the 1st floor balcony of the home. A female victim was attacked and hit with back of machete handle in her face.

Farm attack, woman (76) overpowered on Rosehill farm, Barkly East
A farm attack took place on 16 February 2019, at Barkly East in the Eastern Cape. An elderly lady (76) was attacked by by one suspect. The attack occurred on Rosehill Farm. The woman was not seriously injured during the attack but was obviously extremely traumatised.

Farm attack, two woman overpowered, assaulted, stabbed, White River
A farm attack took place in White River, Mpumalanga on 18 february 2019… Two female victims were attacked and one was stabbed with screwdriver.

Farm attack: Couple brutally assaulted with machetes, crowbars
A farm attack took place on 14 February 2019 in Sondagsrivier Vallei in the Eastern Cape Province. … A couple were attacked on their farm at around 23:00 that evening and severely assaulted with machetes, crowbars and stabbed.

The odds of any of these farm attacks not involving black assailants and white victims are about the same as the odds of the US media acknowledging what is going on over there.

On tips from ABC of the ANC.

Jan 17 2019

Collapse of Civilization in Zimbabwe

The scariest thing about the nightmare unfolding in South Africa is that we already know how the story ends — and it is not a happy ending. This recently First World country is following a trail blazed by its role model, Zimbabwe. There, the Internet has been shut down and soldiers are going door to door marauding.

Progressives don’t mind oppression when the victims are white. They don’t even seem to mind that after whites are driven out or murdered, resulting in societal collapse, the victims of the ensuing savagery are black. The important thing is that the former Breadbasket of Africa (when Zimbabwe was known as Rhodesia) is now free of white privilege.

None of this stops “mainstream” liberal outlets like Time from explicitly urging America to follow in the footsteps of South Africa, just as South Africa follows in the footsteps of Rhodesia. The demographic transformation that is only just beginning will make this feasible.

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Jan 17 2019

ANC Body Count

Decades of power have changed the African National Congress from the days when it was placing tires filled with gasoline around people’s necks and setting them on fire under the guidance of the sainted Nelson Mandela and wife Winnie. Now when it kills, it is mostly by incompetence rather than malice. South Africa’s Democratic Alliance has released an ANC body count:

• The Life Esidimeni Tragedy – 144 people died at the psychiatric facility due to “neglect”

• Marikana – 34 mine workers were shot by police while protesting. President Cyril Ramaphosa was an executive for Lonmin at the time.

• Pit toilet deaths – At least three children have drowned in pit latrines since the ANC were re-elected in 2014.

Too bad 181 is not the total number of deaths resulting from the ANC being handed power in 1994. Counting the farm murders it has enabled would raise the ANC body count into the thousands.

As the DA notes in a statement,

“South Africans have been subjected to one of the worst governance periods under the ANC which has plunged the country into unacceptable levels of poverty and a crippling jobs crisis. Communities have become war-zones, provision of basic services has come to a grinding halt, and millions of our children have been let down by a failing education system.”

On the positive side, even if the ANC has reduced a wealthy First World country to the ongoing train wreck we see today, it has provided its liberal supporters around the world with a warm glow of self-satisfied righteousness.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Jan 13 2019

Church Services in the Rainbow Utopia

Church services can be a little dry in countries that have not been blessed with multicultural enrichment, but they don’t have that problem in South Africa. At the International Pentecostal Holiness Church in Limpopo yesterday, 23 church members were arrested for offenses that included public violence and assault to cause grievous bodily harm. Two were hospitalized with serious injuries.

“It is alleged that two rival groups of the church had an altercation during a church service where other members went on the rampage and started assaulting several people and damaged vehicles which were parked within the church premises,” police said in a statement.

Police confiscated weapons ranging from “four big sticks” to “20 petrol bombs.” Thrill-seeking congregants are encouraged to come back next weekend to see if anyone gets necklaced on the altar at the conclusion of the homily.

At least there were no reports of drinking engine cleaning fluid during services.

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Jan 12 2019

White Doctors Need Not Apply in Rainbow Utopia

With the downfall of Apartheid, racism has been abolished in South Africa — except when it comes to incidentals like personal safety, owning property, and getting a job. If you want to work as a doctor, you had better be black, because the rainbow utopia does not want white doctors:

The health department in the KwaZulu-Natal province expanded its registrar programme for 2019 from 314 to 414, but aimed to fill the new posts with only black candidates. …

Leaked documents show the department wanted to train a total of 366 black doctors and had already recruited 32 Indian, 12 white and four mixed race registrars, but need a further 100 black medics to meet employment equity targets.

As usual, leftist authorities are willing to sacrifice not only basic fairness but also the well-being of the public to advance Afro-favoritism. A competent white doctor is inarguably better for the patient than an incompetent black doctor. Yet progressive social engineers prefer the latter. If no competent black doctors can be found, they will go with those who are incompetent, while competent whites are forced into unemployment.

Aspiring doctors of the Caucasian persuasion will of course seek to leave South Africa for a country that permits them to work. This will not improve the disastrous state of healthcare in South Africa.

Astonishingly, Department of Health spokesmoonbat Ncumisa Mafunda characterizes the “government imperative” of discriminating against whites at the cost of providing quality healthcare as “the morally and socially right thing to do.”

To make sense of this malign policy being called moral, consider that leftists use the word to mean “compliant with or tending to advance our ideology.” That is how Nancy Pelosi can denounce an urgently needed wall to protect the USA from foreign invasion as “immoral.”

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Jan 03 2019

The Lighter Side of Genocide

The genocide being inflicted on white farmers in post-Apartheid South Africa has been horrific, but at least it provides a few cynical snickers for news editor/comedian Daniel Friedman:

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Jan 02 2019

The Perils of a South African Vacation

If you are planning a vacation, may I suggest some place other than the rainbow utopia of post-Apartheid South Africa?

Guests at a holiday resort in northern KwaZulu-Natal had to be evacuated after an armed mob stormed the grounds and vandalised facilities [on December 21].

It is understood that the people, numbering in the hundreds and many of whom were armed with pangas, had pulled down a perimeter fence before swarming the Natal Spa resort near Vryheid.

That’s why walls are needed, not fences.

Pangas are machetes. The mob also wielded knobkerries, which are heavy wooden clubs with a knob on one end.

Police sources said the mob had threatened staff members, warning them to vacate their posts or face violence.

Guests were transported from the resort under guard while police negotiated with the mob.

When the police negotiate with a mob, the mob has already won.

As for the reason for the attack, manager Henk Barnard reported “rumors that the crowd was unhappy about the dismissal of certain staff [and] others were unhappy that they are not employed.”

In some cultures, those who seek employment fill out applications or send in résumés. But Africa has its own customs.

Encouragingly, 28 members of the mob were actually arrested.

If you really want to see African wildlife, stick to the safari tours. Staying at a holiday resort could be dangerous.

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Dec 30 2018

Combating Racism by Slaughtering Sheep

Great news. The scourge of racism has been cured in the best way possible: through the exuberant application of indigenous culture.

Pandemonium broke out on Clifton’s Fourth Beach on Friday when demonstrators arrived with a sheep which they slaughtered to exorcise the “demon of racism”.

Clifton is an upscale suburb of Cape Town, South Africa. It offers the most expensive real estate in the country, and no doubt is chock-full of well-to-do liberals who helped bring down Apartheid.

Uh oh. We have an intersectionality problem. Sheep are oppressed too:

Animal rights activists protested as the sheep arrived, one of them holding a sign saying: “End racism but don’t kill the sheep.”

Chumani Maxwele, formerly of Rhodes Must Fall, directed the ritual.

“We are going to untie the sheep and walk it to the ocean to waken Nxele’s spirit. Nxele’s spirit is along this ocean. Down with white racists, down,” he shouted.

The reference is to a savage who instigated an attack on a British garrison 200 years ago.

Maxwele then cut the sheep’s throat as other protesters burnt incense. He declared: “Today, the dignity of the black people has been restored. This is an offering to our ancestors.”

There followed a melee, as the black supremacists and animal rights advocates hurled obscenities and footwear at each other.

Yet again, we see that leftism can only be used to destroy. You may be able to wreck the established order with a temporary alliance of leftist groups, but you cannot establish a functional new one, because they will soon be at each other’s throats.

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