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Aug 04 2022

Education Is a Weapon Democrats Wield Against Parents

No wonder Beto O’Rourke so fears the American population that his obsession with disarming us inspired a promise from Joe Biden to make him Gun Confiscation Czar. Sooner or later, full comprehension of what Democrats are doing to our country will seep past the information gatekeepers of the liberal establishment media. People will be furious — parents in particular.

In the video below, Robert Francis I mean Beto gets cheers from his supporters by sneering at the idea that parents should have a say as to whether their children are fed a diet of pernicious lies so that they grow up to hate their own country and their own race:

Given O’Rourke’s enthusiastic support for transsexualizing children, his contempt for parental objections likely also applies to transsexual and homosexual grooming, which is so much a part of public school education that when Florida put the kibosh on it for kindergarten through third grade, liberals nationwide went ballistic.

Having fallen under Democrat domination, education has become indoctrination. The goals are strictly political, as the left-wing activists comprising teachers’ unions like the North Carolina Association of Educators are dumb enough to openly confirm:

NCGA stands for the North Carolina General Assembly — the state’s bicameral legislature. Teacher’s unions are much more interested in turning it over to the Democratic Party (of which they are an extension) than they are in teaching kids to read and do math.

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