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Jan 17 2024

Electric Car Idiocy Will Make the Cold More Deadly

Winter is a powerful argument against electric vehicles. Even if you are able to get a pricey moonbatmobile to charge in the cold, there are other people to think of. Charging EVs unnecessarily strains an already vulnerable power grid. A countermoonbat in Yukon can attest to the likely consequences:

Meanwhile, liberal authorities exert increasing pressure to force more people into EVs, increasing both the stress and the reliance on the power grid, even while they restrict energy production in the name of their atavistic weather gods. Green blackouts already loom.

Good thing the guy in the video has a generator. Democrats oppose them.

At the risk of stating the obvious, our moonbat rulers do not mean us well. They are engineering an energy crisis.

On a tip from Jack S.


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