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Jan 16 2023

Let Them Eat Beetleburgers

Our moonbat overlords have decided that we must not eat food because agriculture offends the climate. But they are generous rulers, who provide us with a wide variety of alternatives, including cockroach milk, maggot butter, weeds, synthetic pseudofood, plastic trash, lentils, grass, crickets, larvae, wind turbine blades — and even beetleburgers:

Beetleburgers could soon be helping to feed the world, according to new research. The creepy crawlers’ larvae — better known as mealworms — could act as a meat alternative… The process uses a fraction of the land and water and emits a smaller carbon footprint in comparison of traditional farming.

CO2 makes plants grow. Unfortunately, this precious nutrient is regarded as haram in the moonbat religion. It offends the weather gods.

French biotech company Ynsect is planning a global network of insect farms, including nurseries and slaughterhouses.

No doubt plenty of government funding goes into the pockets of companies that make food alternatives, as with inefficient but politically correct energy alternatives. Big Government even pays farmers to stop farming by buying up their land with public money. Again, our rulers are generous.

Tenebrio molitor beetle larvae … can be turned into protein powders, shakes, burgers, cereal bars, and even cooking oils at a fraction of the environmental cost of traditional farming.

You don’t hate the environment, do you? Then shut up and eat the bugs.

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