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Jan 30 2023

Let Them Eat Seaweed

Sniff our haughty moonbat rulers: Let them eat crickets. Let them eat beetleburgers. Let them eat maggot butter. Let them eat weeds. Let them eat synthetic pseudofood. Let them eat plastic trash. Let them eat lentils. Let them eat grass. Let them eat larvae. Let them eat Chef Boyardee. Let them eat wind turbine blades. Let them drink cockroach milk. Let them eat seaweed:

An area of ocean almost the size of Australia could support commercial seaweed farming around the world, providing food for humans, feed supplements for cattle, and alternative fuels, according to new research.

Making us eat seaweed “could have profound benefits to land use, emissions reduction, water and fertiliser use,” according to the researchers.

However, there is a drawback:

A review in 2019 of the risks of expanding seaweed farming in Europe highlighted concerns farms could upset the balance of marine ecosystems…

Whatever we are allowed to eat when moonbats have sufficiently consolidated power to impose utopia, it won’t taste good. But at least it won’t be offensive to the climate.

On a tip from Steve T.


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