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Jun 24 2022

Liberals Want to Abolish Supreme Court for Upholding 2A

A brazenly unconstitutional New York law requiring the special favor of bureaucrats in order to bear arms has been struck down:

The case centered on a 1911 New York state law that conditioned the right to a concealed carry permit on “good moral character” and “proper cause.” The Supreme Court majority opinion, written by Justice Clarence Thomas, took issue with the latter condition, which unlawfully forced New Yorkers to demonstrate “a special need for self-defense.”

Open carry is banned in New York, making concealed carry the only option for those who do not want to face the jungle liberal rule has created with no means of self-defense.

The Supreme Court’s decision against New York calls into question gun laws in at least eight other states and the District of Columbia…

Disarming law-abiding citizens is crucial to the liberal agenda. “Progress” cannot proceed much further against a populace that is able to defend itself. Consequently, liberal skulls are exploding over the ruling.

Keith Olbermann steps forward in his role as Democrats’ id:

Other libs are slightly more subtle in their calls to abolish the Supreme Court. Rather than dissolve it outright, they want to pack it with rubberstamp leftists:

A propagandist for The Nation employs a tactic learned from George Orwell to further obfuscate what they are up to by pretending that packing is actually unpacking (as Democrats have done before):

By “un-pack/re-balance,” he means pack the Supreme Court with Merrick Garland types until the far left can rule through it by decree, as in Roe v. Wade.

Another propagandist at The Nation, Elie Mystal, calls the Constitution “trash.” He agrees that the Supreme Court must be prevented from upholding it:

If upholding the Second Amendment already has liberals demanding the effective abolition of the Supreme Court as an independent branch of government, imagine what they will be screeching on the evening news tonight, now that Roe v. Wade has been overturned.

Arrogant Democrats may really try to pack the court, as they have indicated from even before Biden was placed in power.

That would be a direct assault on our system of government. It would mark the point where the Cold Civil War turns hot. You can see why they want us disarmed.

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