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Sep 09 2021

Military CRT Brainwashing Extends to 3-Year-Olds

Mark Milley and Lloyd Austin proved in Afghanistan that they can’t even lose wars competently, much less win them. However, under Biden and his handlers, war isn’t their job. They are there to promote the regime’s ideology, critical race theory, according to which we are not individuals but merely interchangeable representatives of our race, good races being darker than the bad race, which is white.

Austin advanced the mission from the moment he took office, with a military-wide stand-down to purge the ranks of “extremists” resistance to CRT ideology. Milley has advanced it by brainwashing West Point cadets and barking about “white rage.”

Although most Americans probably see both of them as useless stooges, they are succeeding so well at their task of imposing ideological homogenization that even 3-year-olds are subjected to indoctrination:

The goal of critical race theory and critical theory more broadly is to employ cultural Marxism to destroy America as it was founded so as to replace it with a totally different country that complies with an oligarchical collectivist conception of utopia.

Letting people devoted to our nation’s destruction take control of the military will not end well.

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