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Feb 04 2024

NYC Provides Prepaid Credit Cards to Illegal Aliens

Even as New York City staggers under the economic not to mention societal impact of the illegal alien invasion that it explicitly invited with its sanctimonious sanctuary city posturing, the leftists in charge continue to redistribute the wealth created by Americans to foreigners unlawfully imported to displace us.

Via Daily Wire:

New York City, under the direction of Mayor Eric Adams, is set to begin a $53 million program that will give illegal immigrant families who have arrived in the Big Apple a prepaid credit card.

That would be the same Eric Adams who admits that illegal aliens are destroying the city, but who also insists that the US border remain undefended from foreign invasion.

The initiative will work like the state’s food assistance program, and illegal immigrant families will be instructed to only use the prepaid credit cards at grocery stores, convenience stores, and supermarkets. The cards will be refilled every 28 days, and families have to sign an affidavit promising to spend the credit card funds only on food and baby supplies.

You can always trust the word of foreign invaders who are in the country illegally, as surely as you can trust the word of leftist kooks who are systematically destroying the country:

The Adams administration said that the pilot program will save New York City taxpayers money…

Soon Adams will have saved enough to cause NYC to collapse into bankruptcy. Then comes the federal bailout, financed through inflation.

That’s why it does no good to escape from areas that have succumbed to the Democrat Death Spiral like New York. If we do not overthrow liberal rule, the entire nation will collapse.

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One Response to “NYC Provides Prepaid Credit Cards to Illegal Aliens”

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