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Dec 05 2022

Profiles in Liberal Education: Skye Tooley

Perverts who prey on children naturally gravitate to professions that leave them alone with other people’s kids. That the liberal establishment is aggressively using schools to implement the LGBT agenda is a dream come true for sexual deviants. Guys like Skye Tooley have the full backing of Hollywood, the teachers unions, the Democratic Party, Big Business, and the media as they exert their authority over impressionable children:

A woke teacher who identifies as ‘trans demi-boy non-binary’ teaches children about gender and pronouns using ‘gender-fluid’ stuffed unicorns and narwhals.

Skye Tooley indoctrinates fifth graders at Saturn Street Elementary in Los Angeles, where his concept of education may not be a violation of community standards.

Rather than focus on the three R’s of yore, he instructs kids on alternative pronouns to match the depraved sexual identities they are encouraged to adopt.

Chirps Skye:

“[Children] are very much ready for these topics and are way more accepting than adults when it comes to discussing these topics and talk about gender, gender assumptions, pronouns, all the things.”

We now live in a society that is a novelty in the history of human civilization in that Skye can publicly admit to doing this and not have to worry about fathers doing some educating of their own.

The school appear to be perfectly comfortable the methods, with a description of the Tooley’s philosophy appearing on the school’s website.

Public schools are an institution the Long March of the Moonbats has already stomped into submission.

Tooley teaches more than perversion and dysphoria:

“I diligently push to create a safe space and brave space for my students. We work on being uncomfortable, challenged, and communicating. We work to understand our identity, bias, and privilege.”

That is, kids are force-fed the whole woke enchilada, including both cultural and economic Marxism. Taxpayers are forced to fund it.

Tooley bubbles with delight as he describes the school’s “rainbow club”:

“The rainbow club is effectively a GSA [gay–straight alliance] for elementary… One wonderful thing about the rainbow club is talking about different identities, talking about who we are, and talking about how to support the LGBTQ+ community.

According to his creed, “the gender binary is constantly harming us.” He does his part to combat it by encouraging children to reject “societal norms.”

Tooley claims such discussions in class are ‘developmentally appropriate, part of our curriculum because we know our gender at a young age, and we know our sexuality at a young age.’

What kind of society leaves people like this alone with children?

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