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Jul 07 2022

School Board Director Hosts Sex Ed for Kids at Sex Shop

Remember Jennifer Mason, director of the Bellingham School Board in Washington State? She is also owner of the “all ages” sex shop WinkWink Boutique. We encountered her when her school subjected 7-year-olds to LGBT indoctrination with the book I Am Jazz, which details the transition of a 2-year-old boy into a parody of a girl. Now she is using her sleazy shop as the setting for a sex education class for kids as young as 9:

Mason announced four, three-hour sex-education classes at her boutique. They are broken down into two groups, one for kids 9-12 years old and the other for teens 13-17 years old.

Topics will include:

• Sexual anatomy for pleasure and reproduction

• What IS sex? Kinds of solo and partnered sexual activities

• Safer sex practices for all kinds of sexual activities

• Gender and sexual identities

Did I mention that she is the director of the local school board? However, she is hosting the classes in her role as owner of the WinkWink Boutique.

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