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Jan 03 2023

School District Pays $10,000 for LGBT Presentations

Don’t be too hard on sickos who groom children. If you pay taxes, you take part in this crime against decency yourself by financing it — especially if you live in the Land of Liberals, California:

California’s Twin Rivers Unified School District paid nearly $10,000 for “LGBTQ Presentations.”

The district, located in McClellan, California, paid $9,591 for the presentations, according to a list of contracts. The list of contracts notes the money was paid to the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN).

GLSEN has a special focus on inducting children into its cult of sexual depravity.

One of the organization’s most notable projects is the “rainbow library,” a program that sends pro-trans books to elementary and kindergarten classrooms.

Here’s what your tax dollar buys under moonbat rule:

Twin Rivers is no outlier:

San Francisco Unified School District, for example, teaches gender theory curriculum without parental consent.

Los Angeles Unified School District … even hosted an LGBT club for four-year-olds. There were also other clubs for middle and high school students such as the “Middle School Trans & Gender Non Binary Group.”

The district shared a video of a transgender activist on their Instagram account. The activist posts explicit pictures of himself online. Meanwhile, they also partnered with an organization that provides pro-trans books to elementary schools.

As for federal taxpayers:

CDC stands for US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Under Democrats, it has been repurposed to promote LGBTism and the many diseases associated with the perverse sexual activities entailed.

On tips from Jack D and ABC of the ANC.


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