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Jan 19 2022

Seattle Limits Traffic Stops Because Equity

Just as traffic cameras are racist, so too are traffic stops by the police. Therefore, Seattle is severely restricting them. The inevitable increase in crime is unimportant; imposing equity is the primary concern of those with power.


Seattle Police Department interim Chief Adrian Diaz announced sweeping new policies that ban many non-criminal traffic stops. The move is framed around equity concerns, with the chief arguing that because not everyone can afford to pay the traffic violation fines, they must not be enforced. …

Under the new policies, SPD will no longer treat several violations as the primary reason to engage in a traffic stop. They include expired or missing registration, which is sometimes a clue that a car is stolen.

Although class rhetoric is employed, the progressive campaign to undermine public safety is rooted in critical race theory.

These policies came from a working group convened by Seattle Inspector General Lisa Judge, at the behest of Diaz. Judge is a progressive activist who doesn’t trust police officers.

Even as crime rates skyrocket, the BLM-inspired War on Police continues.

In May 2021, Judge called on Diaz to end all low-level traffic stops because they are, she argues, especially dangerous for Black motorists.

Judge quacks moronically about “root causes,” “institutional racism,” “subconscious bias,” and “racial fairness” to justify her absurd and dangerous objectives.

As leftists impose their lunatic ideology, they render America unsafe for anyone of any color except criminals.

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