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Nov 24 2023

Transsexuals Keep Bullying Women as Resistance Grows

Men are making great strides in women’s sports. Consider a guy in New Jersey who calls himself Meghan Cortez-Fields:

Meghan Cortez-Fields smashed Ramapo College’s record for the 100 yard butterfly with a time of 57.22 which earned her first place.

Correction, he did not earn it. He stole it from the woman who did.

She also scooped the top spot in the 200 yard individual medley and second in the 200 yard butterfly at the Cougar Splash Invitational, a two-day meet between six schools in Dallas, Pennsylvania.

Considering that even supposedly right-leaning sites like Daily Mail brazenly lie by calling men like this “she,” there is no reason to take anything the mainstream media tells you at face value.

Cortez-Fields, from College Station, Texas, had competed on Ramapo’s men’s team for three seasons prior to switching to the women’s roster.

The guy sports a tattoo of Aphrodite with male genitalia. He is one sick freak. The liberal establishment is happy to help him ram his sickness down everyone else’s throat.

At long last, resistance to the transsexual agenda is beginning to grow.

The ICC has banned transgender players born as men from playing international women’s cricket.

“Born as men.” For crying out loud. They ought to spare the reader from wasted words by writing what they mean: “The International Cricket Council has banned men from playing international women’s cricket.”

[T]he governing body concluded that they had made the decision following a nine-month consultation process to protect the safety of female players.

Unsurprisingly, transsexual bullies are pushing back against pushback:

A transgender woman footballer whose physical power on the pitch left opponents ‘terrified’ is considering taking legal action for discrimination after opposing teams refused to play against her.

The boycott is said to have followed a player suffering a broken knee when ‘blocking a shot’ from the trans player Francesca Needham, 30.

When word spread about the incident, some players refused to play against Needham for ‘safety’ reasons and two matches in the Sheffield and Hallamshire Women’s League were called off.

So Mr. Needham is threatening to sue the real women for not wanting their knees broken.

Nonsickos can sue too:

A Vermont high school is suing state officials after they were banned from all athletic and academic events for refusing to allow their girls basketball team to compete against a transgender player, Fox News reported.

Mid Vermont Christian School says they were barred from all athletic play after forfeiting against a Long Trail girls high school basketball team that had a biological male on their team on Feb. 21.

Women are forewarned that transsexual violence against them may not be limited to sports arenas:

Male transgender activists allegedly attacked several women who were holding a sidewalk protest for women’s rights in Portland, Oregon, on Sunday.

Reports feminist writer Lierre Keith:

Four of us at the ER right now. We are in good spirits and remain undefeated. A mob of “antifa” men attacked us, pepper sprayed us in the eyes, punched us, kicked us, and stole our phones. We were attempting to have an event about male violence.

Trantifa is not to be messed with, as Mr. Cortez-Fields’s fellow shemale swimmer Will “Lia” Thomas will enthusiastically confirm.

The violence is likely to escalate if trans bullies don’t get their way. Already, the list of transsexuals threatening or committing violence is long and growing; it includes Audrey Hale, Kimbrady Carriker, Maya McKinney, Snochia Moseley, Anderson Lee Aldrich, Moses Lopez, William Whitworth, Shanu Varma, a guy calling himself Lara, Zion William Teasley, Jason Michael Hann, Cali Anderson, Dana Rivers, Vivian Ginger-Rain Shemansky, Linnea Pugmire, Mark Campbell, and Paul S. Don’t hold your breath waiting for our rulers to declare a Day of Remembrance for their victims.

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